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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 3rd 2013

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

Independent Music Plays Here

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 3rd 2013 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Michalis Kaliontzidis “Instrumental (Tik dhiplon, tromahton, kotsari)”
from Anthei kai ferei ki' allo (it blossoms and bears more) (Universal Music 2006) —This show is devoted to music from the Black Sea Coast. Many people have lived there over the millenia, many from diverse language groups. We begin with the Greek tradition.


Μπάμπης Κεμανετζίδης & Pella Nikolaïdou “Γουρπάν' 'σ Εσόν Το Θέλεμαν”
from Μ' Έναν Λαλίαν Και Έναν Καρδίαν (Legend 2011) —Pontic Greek, but a very modern take on it. There is a great video of this piece at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvC55us1L5U


Ayşenur Kolivar “Kar Yağayi”
from Karadeniz'e Kalan [Disc 2] (Kalan www.kalan.com 2013) —The Turks are now the majority population on the Black Sea coast. I thought I would concentrate on newer recordings, all from CDs released in 2013, not "folk", not "pop", but very Black Sea Turkish


Koliva “Yüksek Dağlara Doğru”
from Karadeniz'e Kalan [Disc 1] (Kalan www.kalan.com 2013)


Marsis “Atmaca”
from Karadeniz'e Kalan [Disc 2] (Kalan www.kalan.com 2013) —a very rocked up Black Sea style piece, but still using the kemenche (vertical fiddle). To see what people dance to this, look up "siksara" on YouTube


Hülya Polat “Haram”
from Kurban Olduğum (Altimüzik www.kalan.com) —Here she is singing arrangements (and occasional duets) by Ismail Türüt


Hülya Polat “Kanım Sana Kaynıyor”
from Kurban Olduğum (Altimüzik www.kalan.com)


Fuat Saka “Lazonaşi Berepe”
from Lazutlar (Kalan www.kalan.com 1997) —a tune often played by Armenian bands under the name "Laz Bar", here sung by one of the most recorded of Laz singers. Ther recording is available at www.tulumba .com


İsmail Türüt “Vona (Ordu'nun Iskları)”
from Piryoz (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2002)


İsmail Türüt “Nazlı Yar”
from Piryoz (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 2002) —The singer here is accompanied by, among other things, the Tulum, a Turkish bagpipe.


Cengiz Selimoğlu “Gaybana Sevdaluk”
from Ortanca (Senseç Müzik 2009)


Karmate “Gurbetluk”
from Zeni (Kalan www.kalan.com 2013) —This and the next 2 songs are from the Hemşin, an Armenian dialect group living on the Black Sea coast. This plaintive wind instrument is a duduk, a simple tube with finger holes and a very wide double reed; it is capable of much subtlety, but is reporte


Karmate “Pazar Hemşin”
from Zeni (Kalan www.kalan.com 2013) —In the slow 5/8 (divided 3+2) so common in this area.


Kazim Koyuncu “Ella Ella”
from Hayde CD Album (Metropol Müzik Üretim 2004) —This popular recording artist died in a car crash a few years ago. All his CDs are excellent. See www.tulumba.com


Kazim Koyuncu “Tsira”
from Hayde CD Album (Metropol Müzik Üretim 2004) —This begins the set of music devoted to the Georgian language minority on the extreme eastern end of the Black Sea coast. This really does have a different "sound" than what the rest of the show has presented


Bayar Şahin “Mgzavruli (Haralo)”
from Bani (Baysah Müzik) —this is very close to Georgian music as it is performed in the Caucasus


Miriami Abduselişi “Nani Nana”
from Karadeniz Türküleri ((anthology, label not identified on CD)) —This is lullaby tune known all over the region, but has been fit here with extra words describing the pathos of the personal life of the mother.


Bayar Şahin “Vaketi”
from Horona Çağrı (Ateş Müzik 1998)


Erol Alkan “Kokibereti”
from Karçhal Ezgileri (Baysah Müzik) —This song is in 10/8 divided 2+3+3+2, unusual because most Armenian and Turkish music in the area that is in 10/8 divides it as 3+2+2+3.


Bayar Şahin “Eliya Gogo (Şamşalaho)”
from Rüzgara (Ada Muzigi 2000)


Salih Yılmaz “Yaylanın Çimenine”
from Karadeniz'e Kalan [Disc 1] (Kalan www.kalan.com 2013) —we end with a snippet of modern Turkish Black Sea music

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