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Spinitron - KDHX: All Soul, No Borders Sun Feb 12th 2012

All Soul, No Borders (Music)

Sun Feb 12th 2012 10.00pm–12.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Steve Reid “Kai”
from Rhythmatism (Mustevic Sound 1976) —Arthur Blythe on alto sax, David Wertman on bass, Les Walker on piano, Michael Keith on trombone


Father's Children “Dirt And Grime”
from Who's Gonna Save The World (numero 2011) N  —group from D.C. made this, their first recording, in 1973


Roscoe Mitchell “dim”
from Numbers (RogueArt 2011) N  —Thomas Buckner on vocals, Joseph Kubera on piano, poem by e.e. cummings


Roscoe Mitchell “Bells for New Orleans”
from Numbers (RogueArt 2011) N  —William Winant on orchestra bells


Matthew Shipp Trio “Alternative Aspects”
from Elastic Aspects (Thirsty Ear (The Blue Series) 2012) N  —Michael Bisio on bass, Whit Dickey on drums


Matthew Shipp Trio “Psychic Counterpart”
from Elastic Aspects (Thirsty Ear (The Blue Series) 2012) N


Charles Gayle Trio “Compassion II”
from Streets (Northern-Spy 2012) N  —Larry Roland on bass, Michael TA Thompson on drums


Yo La Tengo “Nuclear War (Version 2)”
from Nuclear War (Matador 2002)


Conrad Schnitzler “Side B (excerpt)”
from Slow Motion (Sagittarius A-Star 2011)


BassX3 “The No Piece”
from Transatlantic (Leo 2012) N  —Gebhard Ullmann on bass clarinet and bass flute, Chris Dahlgren on double bass and objects, Clayton Thomas on double bass and objects


Darius Jones Trio “Michele (Heart) Willie”
from Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) (AUM Fidelity www.aumfidelity.com 2011) —Adam Lane on bass, Jason Nazary on drums


Blue Notes “Vortex Special”
from Legacy: Live in South Afrika 1964 (Ogun 2008) —Chris McGregor on piano, Dudu Pukwana on alto sax, Nick Mayake on tenor sax, Mongezi Feza on trumpet, Johnny Dyani on bass, Louis Moholo on drums


Tom Waits “New Year's Eve”
from Bad As Me (Anti- 2011)


Byard Lancaster “It's Not Up to Us” (Vortex 1968)

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