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KDHX Playlist Info:

Spinitron - KDHX Disk: Brazil: Songs of Protest

Brazil: Songs of Protest buy it

DISK BY Zelia Barbosa merch

(Monitor Records/Smithsonian Folkways 1991)

Songs from Brazil: Songs of Protest logged in KDHX's playlists:


Cancão Da Terra (Song of the Earth) Buy it!

Carcara (The Vulture) Buy it!

Chegança (Arrival) Buy it!

Chegança (Arrival) Buy it!

Cicatriz (The Scar) Buy it!

Feio, Não e Bonito (Ugly) Buy it!

Nega Dina (Dina Says No) Buy it!

Opinião (Opinion) Buy it!

Pau de Arara (The Parrot Roost) Buy it!

Pedro Pedreiro (Peter the Mason) Buy it!

Sina de Caboclo (Destiny of a Peasant) Buy it!