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KDHX Playlist Info:

Spinitron - KDHX Label: n/a

n/a merch


Disks on n/a logged in KDHX's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Ambulance LTD Merch

Acoustic Live & Rare Summer 2005 Buy it!


Andy Hyland Merch

Live-In-Studio Buy it!

Ann Tiley Merch

Christmas on Kyule 2010 Buy it!

Arcade Fire Merch

BBC-1 Buy it!


Battle of Wolf 359 Merch

Future's End Buy it!

The Better Beatles Merch

single Buy it!

Black Sabbath (Earth) Merch

demo Buy it!

Bob Camp Merch

live in-studio Buy it!

Bob Camp and Andrew Moore Merch

live in-studio Buy it!

Brothers Lazaroff Merch

live pre-record at KDHX Buy it!

Buck Owens Merch

Up With KYULE 2007 Buy it!

Caitlin Rose Merch

Live at KDHX 05-23-11 Buy it!


Can Merch

Delay 1968 (Remastered) Buy it!


Carolina Chocolate Drops Merch

Daytrotter Studio 05/19/11 Buy it!


Cheap Trick Merch

In Color (Re-recorded) Buy it!

Code Of Honor Merch

split w/ sick pleasure Buy it!


The Comix Merch

BIPPP - French Synth Wave 1979-85 Buy it!

Corb Lund Merch

live in-studio Buy it!

Cotton Jones Merch

Recorded live on Nomadic Reverie KDHX Buy it!

Coven Merch

Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls Buy it!

Curtis Mayfield Merch

Interview Excerpt from "Old Grey Whistle Test" (1972) Buy it!

Dead Heart Bloom Merch

single Buy it!


Dead Skeletons Merch

When The Sun Comes Up (For The Last Time) Buy it!

Dee Irwin & Mamie Galore Merch

Murray Christmas Buy it!

Dirty Projectors Merch

Like A Version Buy it!


DJ Shepdog Merch

Cut Ups, Bruck Ups And Muck Ups Volume 1 Buy it!


DJ Shepdog Merch

Nice Up And JStar Present Cut Ups, Bruck Ups And Muck Ups Volume 1 Buy it!


Eugene Chadbourne Merch

Live at Schlafly Tap Room Buy it!

Fran Merch

fran Buy it!

Googoplexia Merch

A Very Bert Dax Christmas Vol. 3 Buy it!

Gun Merch

The Gun/ Gunsight Buy it!

The Help Merch

Endless Journey Buy it!

James Brown Merch

Up With KYULE 2007 Buy it!

Jay Hutson Merch

n/a Buy it!

Jesse Charles Hammock Merch

live-in-studio Buy it!


Jimmy Kennedy Merch

live in-studio Buy it!

John Henry Merch

live in studio Buy it!


Julius Williams Merch

Wait Buy it!

Kasey Chambers Merch

Red Devil Park Blues & Roots Festival Buy it!

Leon Russell Merch

Christmas On KYULE 2009 Buy it!

Lookout Joe Merch

live demo Buy it!


The Love Experts Merch

recorded live at Kittypalooza, Off Broadway, STL Buy it!


Miss Molly Simms Merch

live in-studio Buy it!

Monahans Merch

2010 Recordings Buy it!


Mort Garson Merch

single Buy it!

Mortal Micronotz Merch

Mortal Micrnotz Buy it!


Mutts Merch

Live at KDHX Buy it!


Mutts Merch

Live on KDHX Buy it!

Nancy Holloway Merch

Hello Dolly Buy it!

Nick Rudd Merch

Golden Grass (For Diane) unreleased single Buy it!


Old Dirty Bastard/Queen Merch

Internet Release Buy it!

Paul Bearer & The Coffin Kings Merch

Paul Bearer & The Coffin Kings Buy it!

Prairie Ramblers Merch

n/n Buy it!


Q 65 Merch


Rabbi James Stone Goodman with The Brothers Lazaroff Merch

Eight Nights Buy it!


Redd Kross Merch

n/a Buy it!

The Rolling Stones Merch

Bootleg Buy it!

Saturday Night Live Merch

I Wish It Was Christmas Today single Buy it!

The Sex Robots Merch

A Very Bert Dax Christmas Vol. 3 Buy it!

Shockabilly Merch

Live at Schlafly Tap Room Buy it!

Sparks Merch

single Buy it!

The Squires of the Subterrain Merch

N/A Buy it!

The Stains Merch

Ladies and Gentleman...the Fabulous Stains OST Buy it!


The Sun And The Wolf Merch

Unreleased Buy it!


Suzannah Merch

Beatle Bob X-mas collection Buy it!

T. Rex Merch

Christmas Bop (Christmas Bop) - EP Buy it!

Teaspoon Merch

Unreleased Demo' Buy it!

Teddy Thompson Merch

Recorded at KDHX Buy it!


Teeth of Mammals Merch

Circle of Friends Buy it!

Tom Waits Merch

Beatle Bob X-Mas collection Buy it!

The Trip Daddys Merch

A Very Bert Dax Christmas Vol. 7 Buy it!

Uncle Tupelo Merch

Live at The Vic Theatre, 1993 Buy it!

Uncle Tupelo Merch

Live In St. Louis Aug. 15,1990 Buy it!

Uncle Tupelo Merch

Live In St. Louis, Aug. 15, 1990 Buy it!

The Vondrukes Merch

live-in-studio Buy it!

Walter Parks Merch

Live-in-studio Buy it!

X Merch

Christmas on KYULE 2009 Buy it!


X Merch

n/a Buy it!

YMCK Merch

Family Music Buy it!