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KDHX Playlist Info:

Spinitron - KDHX Label: Starday

Starday merch


Disks on Starday logged in KDHX's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

A.L. Phipps and the Phipps Family Merch

Old Time Mountain Pickin' and Singin' Buy it!

Arhtur "Guitar Boogie" Smith Merch

Spotlight On Country Music Buy it!

Bashful Brother Oswald Merch

Bashful Brother Oswald Buy it!

Benny Martin Merch

Truck Stop Buy it!

Betty Amos Merch

Let's Hit The Road Buy it!


Bill Clifton And His Dixie Mountain Boys Merch

Mountain Folk Songs Buy it!

The Blue Sky Boys Merch

Precious Moments Buy it!

Brown's Ferry Four Merch

16 Greatest Hits Buy it!

Buck Owens Merch

4 Kings of Country Music Buy it!

Buck Owens Merch

The Fabulous County Music Sound of Buck Owens Buy it!

Country Gentlemen Merch

High Lonesome Buy it!

Country Gentlemen Merch

High Lonesome Sound Buy it!

Cowboy Copas Merch

More Country Music Spectacular! Buy it!

Cowboy Copas & Dottie West Merch

Slippin' Around Buy it!

Darnell Miller Merch

Mamma Will My Dog Understand Buy it!

Eddie Eddings Merch

EP Buy it!

Eddie Noack Merch

Single Buy it!

Frankie Miller Merch

Country Music's Great New Star Buy it!


Frankie Miller Merch

Frankie Miller Buy it!

Frankie Miller Merch

Let's Hit The Road Buy it!

Frankie Miller Merch

Rockin' Rollin' Buy it!


George Jones Merch

George Jones Sings His Greatest Hits Buy it!

George Jones Merch

Why Baby Why Buy it!


George Morgan Merch

The Incomparable George Morgan Buy it!

Grady Martin Merch

Country Guitar Buy it!


Jim Eanes Merch

Your Old Standby Buy it!

Joe Maphis Merch

Country Guitar: America's Foremost Guitar Stylists Buy it!


Johnny Horton Merch

The Country Music Memorial Album Buy it!

Justin Tubb Merch

Country Music Samplers Buy it!

Link Davis Merch

Big Goonie Buy it!

Lonnie Irving Merch

7-inch Buy it!

Lonnie Irving Merch

Pinball Machine Buy it!

Lulubelle & Scotty Merch

Sweethearts Still Buy it!

Margie Singleton Merch

45 EP Buy it!

New Grass Revival Merch

New Grass Revival Buy it!

Red Sovine Merch

Phantom 309 Buy it!


Robert Lunn Merch

The Original Talking Blues Man Buy it!

Robert Lunn, Howdy Forrester Merch

Original Talking Blues Man Buy it!

Roger Miller Merch

Country Hits Buy it!

Roger Miller Merch

Wild Child Roger Miller ~ Madcap Country Sensation Buy it!

Roy Shepard & Tri State Singers Merch

7-inch Buy it!

Roy Wigins and His Steel Guitar Merch

Unforgettable Country Instrumtentals Buy it!

Shot Jackson Merch

That Dobro Sound's Goin' 'Round Buy it!

The Stoneman Family Merch

Hit Parade Of Bluegrass Stars Buy it!

Thumper Jones Merch


Tommy Hill's String Band Merch

Greatest Country Fiddlers Of Our Time Buy it!

Wayne Raney & The Raney Family Merch

Hall Of Fame Series Buy it!

The Willis Brothers Merch

"Bob" And Other Songs To Make The Juke Box Play Buy it!

The Willis Brothers Merch

Give Me 40 Acres Buy it!

The Willis Brothers Merch

Hey, Mister Truck Driver Buy it!

The Willis Brothers Merch

single (45 rpm) Buy it!

The Willis Brothers Merch

The Best Of The Willis Brothers Buy it!