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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Apr 3rd 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Apr 3rd 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Kariofilis Doitsides “An se Karatzi Horepse”
from Thrakiotika 3 (Music Box) —this is a Païdouska (in 5/8)


Thimio Gogidis “ta eyzonakia”
from Ta Thrakiotika (Τα Θρακιώτικα) (General Music) —this is a syrto, in a more generic style, and not especiall Thracian, like the next selection


Thimio Gogidis “me galasan ta Poulia”
from Ta Thrakiotika (Τα Θρακιώτικα) (General Music) —this is a syrto syngathisto (in 9/8) - roughly the same dance as the preceding selection, but accented very differently, and more typical of Thracian Greek music. Also, note the use of a Bulgarian style kaval.


Sotiris Papazoglou & to sygkrotima tou Christou Kouroudi “Enotita Zonaradiko”
from Thrakiotiko Glendi No. 2 (General Music) —The zonaradiko is a dance usually done in a belt hold (the origin of the name)


Kariofilis Doïtsides ens. “Mandilatos (tou gamou)”
from Thrakiopoules (Panivar)


Sotiris Papazoglou & Sygkrotima Hristou Kouroudi “Mandilatos”
from Thrakiotio Glendi No. 1 (General Music) —another mandilatos in 7/8 - a "handkerchief dance" done solo


Kariofilis Doïtsidis “Tzimbazikos Horos”
from O Dikefalos Aetos tis Thrakis (Panivar) —this is a karsilamas - a moderate tempo dance in 9/8 also done in Turkish Thrace


Thimio “syrtos (kavakli)”
from Mehri to Triantafillo (Polimesa 2001)


Aristeidis Solaris (floyera) “Zonaradikos”
from 18 Zonaradikoi (MBI)


Gkogkidis Thimios “Pos Pianete i Agapi - tsestos”
from Mehri to Triantafillo (Polimesa 2001) —a tsesto ("chesto" in Bulgarian) is a men's dance done in a belt Hold and with complex step patterns. This piece, once the vocal ends, could just as easily have been recorded in Bulgaria - the Bagpipe added toward the end is very Bulgarian


Panagiotis Baboudas (voice and clarinet) “Sti Thraki mas tin omorfi” (Thermaikos)


Panagiotis Baboudas “Giannis hara tha Kanei”
from Sti Thraki mas tin omorfi (Thermaikos) —this and the preceding are by modern Thracian Greek bands (synthesizers, electric bass, and percussion, etc.), but the clarinet is always "live". Both cuts are zonaradiko-type dances


Hronis Aidonidis “Naman pouli na petaga”
from Tragoudia tis Thrakis (alpha records) —no band is given credit on this CD - too bad - they do a good job


Hronis Aidonidis “Mia Kori Mia Diavatissa - A Daughter Is Walking”
from Tragoudia tis Thrakis (alpha records)


Hatzopoulos Hristos “Thraki - Foni - Organiko (Thracian Voice - the band)”
from Thrakis Foni (Evrenos)


Sotiris Papazoglou & to sygkrotima tou Christou Kouroudi “Perivoli eiha Papia Kathizotan”
from I Lalitades Tis Megalis Doxiparas - Tragoudia Tis Thrakis Me Ton Sotiri Papazoglou & to Sygkrotima Tou Christou Kouroudi (FM Records 1999) —this is a Pidihtos in 9/8, but could just easily be danced as a syrtos syngathistos


Panagiotis Nikidis “solo (Baïdouska)”
from Treis Adelfoules (Vasipap)


Panagiotis Nikidis “solo (mandilatos)”
from Treis Adelfoules (Vasipap) —The band doesn't seem to know this very well - they are messing up the accompaniment - but the tunes of this and the preceding are well-known Bulgarian tunes, but played by a Greek band


K. Bourazanis “Mandilato”
from Thrakiotika "Akritika" (Panivar)


Greek Music Archive & The Hellenic Music Archives Ensemble “Soubeti and Dance with kerchiefs (mandilatos)”
from Thrakis (FM) —solo Gaïda

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