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Spinitron - KDHX: Latin Hemispheres Sun Nov 13th 2011

Latin Hemispheres (Music)

Providing a wide spectrum of contemporary tunes, beats, sounds and pulsations all with the Latin touch. From club dance to traditional rhythms, from tock to jazz, from chill to throb. Two hours of fun, grace, weird and the human spirit. ¡Asi nos gusta!

Sun Nov 13th 2011 1.00am–3.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Nava “Hey You”
from Rough Guide to Urban Latino (Rough Guide 2000) —From his self entitled debut on the Ryko label. Puerto Rican born Rodolfo Barreras, wrote hit songs for Elvis Crespo, Olga Tañon and others got his name is from an Aboriginal language that means love.


Grupo Climax “El Za Za Za (Mesa Que Mas Aplauda)”
from Za Za Za Mesa Que Mas Aplauda (Balboa Records) R


El Simbolo “1 2 3”
from No Pares (Fonovisa 1998) —This pop hit appears on numerous albums/compilations for this Argentine band that used to be known as TNN (The New Nation), even had their own label.


Arrebato “Me Tienes Que Olvidar”
from Años 90's Vol.4 - Lo Mejor De Los 90 (Contraseña Records 2009)


Monica Naranjo “Pantera En Libertad”
from Dance With Me, Soundtrack from the movie... (Sony 1998) —Born in Spain, this track was on her second studio album, Palabra de Mujer '97


Chano Dominguez “Oye Como Viene”
from Calle 54 (EMI/Blue Note 2001)


Isarel “El Barquero (Tangos)”
from Naranjas Sobre la Nieve (Karonte 2009)


Ottmar Liebert “Sao Paolo (Bass In My Pocket)”
from Euphoria:Nouveaumatic (Spiral Subwave 2004)


Bebel Gilberto “Simplesmente (Tom Middleton remix)”
from Babel Gilberto Remixed (Six Degrees 2005)


Thievery Corporation “Ambition Eterna”
from The Cosmic Game (ESL 2005) —From their base in Washington D.C. the genius duo, Rob Garza & Eric Hilton have conquered the world with their abstract/trip-hop/acid jazz/chill out/down tempo productions skills with the help of countless world music musicians.


Funky C “Actitud”
from Joya (Sonic360 2007) —Chilean artist Cristian Sol Moraga Farias brings Latin soul, hip-hop, funk & electronics to crowds as he toured with Cypress Hill, Red Hot Chile Peppers and others.


Spanglish Fly “Let My People Bugalú”
from -single- (Electric Cowbell 2009) —New York based musicians, sometimes up to 14 on stage reviving the boogaloo sounds, adding funk and soul.


Señor Flavio “Dulce Babalu”
from Nueva Ola (Nacional Rcds. 2011) N


Matorralman “Operación Dinamo”
from Guateque Estelar (Nacional Records 2010)


Matorralman “El Acapulco Rock”
from Guateque Estelar (Nacional Records 2010)


Che Sudaka “"Corazon"”
from Cavernicola Recordings Vol. 1 (Cavernicola Records )Spain) 2010) —Rock, cumbia, ska, reggae are some of the rhythms these South American musicians that reside in Spain combine for upbeat energetic music, plus antics on stage.


Fidel Nadal “La Puerta Negra”
from Crucial Cuts (Nacional Records 2009)


Faltriqueira “Palmira”
from Women's World Voices Vol. 5 (Blue Flame 2005) —The pocket that is found under traditional costumes worn by dancers in the tradition of pandereteiras or female tambourine players is a faltriqueira. The five female vocalists from northern Spain follow the melodic tradition of mixing voice with instrumen


Kad Achouri “Mi Negra”
from Putumayo Presents Nuevo Latino (Putumayo) —This track is from his '02 Liberte release on the Stern's Music label, the French man living in London, leaning towards Spanish/Latin rhythms.


Havana D Primera, feat. Alexander Abreu “Historia Verdadera”
from Haciendo Historia (Ahi-Nama 2011) —Cuba's most popular dance band today is made up of top studio musicians...


Havana D Primera, feat. Alexander Abreu “Nina Bonita”
from Haciendo Historia (Ahi-Nama 2011) —... Alexander Abreu is vocalist, band leader & trompeter.

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