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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Dec 9th 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Dec 9th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Tone Hulbækmo “Kåmma no” from Chants Et Danses De Norvège (Playa Sound 1990) —This is a cow-call done up with harp accompaniment by one of the best folksingers in Norway in the 1980sBuy it!


Tiriltunga “Eg Aktar Inkje Mykje Hine Gutan” from Det Æ Tungvint Fri (NRK 1992) —This is a song with harmonies drawn from traditional instrumental music. These 3 women are also accomplished instrumentalistsBuy it!


Tone Hulbækmo “Der fekk eg sja kerr ho Kari sto, stev” from Chants Et Danses De Norvège (Playa Sound 1990) —accompanied by langeleik, the Norwegian version of the Appalachian mountain dulcimerBuy it!


Hans W. Brimi & Pernille Anker “Lugum leik i hallingtakt” from Chants Et Danses De Norvège (Playa Sound 1990) —with Jews HarpBuy it!


Kirsten Bråten Berg og Bjørgulv Straume “Uppstaden” from From Senegal To Setesdal (Six Degrees 1997) —same, but with a different singerBuy it!


Gunnlaug Lien Myhr, Heidi Løvlund, Kari Lønnestad “Marsj Etter Wilhelm Isungset” from Det Æ Tungvint Fri (NRK 1992) —a stately march played by the women of TiriltungaBuy it!


Hallgrim Berg & Erik Røine “Svenskadn På Norderhov” from Sputer Og Drev - Munnharpe I 100 (Heilo 2010) —a reinlender tune played on jews harp and langeleik, to accompany the "kveding" = vocalization on nonsense syllables often used to accompany dancing when there were no fiddle players aroundBuy it!


Tiriltunga “I Mine Kåte Ungdomsdagar” from Det Æ Tungvint Fri (NRK 1992)Buy it!


Spindel “Bruremarsj Frå Indre Svor” from Aminje (Heilo 2005) —another Bride's March, done up in non-traditional styleBuy it!


Steinar Ofsdal, Hallgrim Berg & Hans Fredrik Jacobsen “Uppspel*” from Seljefløyta (Grappa 1997) —the Seljefløyte is a birchbark flute played on overtones (no finger holes)Buy it!


Kvarts “Tvilspols” from Steinsprang (Kvarts 2006)Buy it!


Hilde Kirkebøen “Bråte-Per Nr. Ii, Laus” from Tjednbalen - Danseslåttar Frå Ål I Hallingdal (Etnisk Musikklubb 2009) —the "laus" (=free) dans is a free-style men's solo dance - this begins a whole set of mens solo dance music - HallingBuy it!


E. Syversbråten, G. Lien Myhr “Hallingar” from Hallingtonar ((self Published) www.drehleierbau-riedel.de 1996) —first the solo fiddle, then the vocal addedBuy it!


Hallgrim Berg & Erik Røine “Bufarhalling” from Sputer Og Drev - Munnharpe I 100 (Heilo 2010)Buy it!


Sør-Fron Spelemannslag “Halling (Etter Hjalmar Fjellhammer)” from Milstein (Sør-Fron Spelmannslag 2001)Buy it!


Spindel “Preikaren (Halling)” from Aminje (Heilo 2005)Buy it!


Kvarts “Halling Etter Hjalmar Fjellhammer” from Steinsprang (Kvarts 2006) —Jew's Harp again, this time accompanied on dobro - traditional tune meets new instrumentationBuy it!


Annbjørg Lien “The Plucked Halling” from Felefeber (Norwegian Fiddle Fantasia) (Shanachie 1995) —One of the best of the younger generation Hardanger Fiddle players, but also one most likely to break the tradition. Her multiple tattoos and wide repertoire put her in a different category than the traditional players.Buy it!


Bukkene Bruse “Halling-Jorånn” from Åre (Grappa 1996)Buy it!


Frifot “Bohushallingar (Hallings from Bohus)” from Sluring (Northside 2003) —OK, this group is Swedish, not Norwegian, but they have studied the style, and are consummate musicians all. They visited St. Louis twice a few years ago, and the focal point audience went bananas over them, and rightly so...Buy it!


Mari Eggen Og Helene Høye “Kvernknurren (Halling)” from Sprell Levande (Grappa 1993) —2 fiddlers from Gudbandsdal. The bass notes in the background are added by a Finish KanteleBuy it!


Mari Eggen Og Helene Høye “Hei, Så Dansa Den Gamle Bulabba (Slåttestev og Halling)” from Sprell Levande (Grappa 1993) —a "slåttestev" ("dance song") with its equivalent fiddle versionBuy it!


Kirsten Bråten Berg, Solo Cissokho, Kouame Sereba Og Bjørgulv Straume “Halling Jorond” from From Senegal To Setesdal (Six Degrees 1997) —the same tune played by Bukkene Bruse, but this time accompanied by a Senegalese Kora player!Buy it!


Geitungen (feat. Vidar Skrede, 12-string) “Reinlender / Schottische - Etter Ivar Fuglestad” from Langt Ute (Heilo 2009) —12-string guitar soloBuy it!


Geitungen (feat. Håvard Ims, torader) “Vals / Waltz - Etter Svein P. Eikeland” from Langt Ute (Heilo 2009) —the accordion played is called a "torader" = "2-row-er" because it has 2 tows of buttons for playing the melodyBuy it!


Sør-Fron Spelemannslag “Vals (I Trad. Etter Jehans Knuta)” from Milstein (Sør-Fron Spelmannslag 2001) —a traditional fiddle ensemble from Gudbrandsdal in central NorwayBuy it!


Hallvard T. Bjørgum “Skjoldmøyslaget, Rammeslått (Ii)” from Dolkaren (Sylvartun 1992) —Norwegian single-instrument polyphony at its best. Setesdal is in the south.Buy it!


Bukkene Bruse “Til Sætersdal” from Bukkene Bruse (Grappa 1993) —Bukkene Bruse's homage to the style you just heard...Buy it!


Sven Nyhus og Åshild Breie Nyhus “Skålarna, Skänklåt Etter Byss-Calle” from På Storfele (Heilo 2010) —a Swedish tune, but played by Norwegians from Røros, one of who plays a Swedish NyckelharpaBuy it!


Hans Fredrik Jacobsen “Vidde” from Vind (Heilo 2003) —cow-calls, Seljefløyte melodies, and folkharp with percussion make this album a delightBuy it!


Sven Nyhus, Jan Erik Kongshaug Og Åshild Breie Nyhus “Härjedalingen, Pols” from På Storfele (Heilo 2010) —a pols from Røros played by that town's most famous fiddle player, with his daughterBuy it!


Dalakopa “Hoppvals fra Røros” from Dalakopa (Heilo (LP) 1986)Buy it!


Tom Willy Rustad “Torgrimdansen” from Fiolsteinen (Kvarts 2005)Buy it!


Hans Fredrik Jacobsen “Flyr Av Sted” from Vind (Heilo 2003)Buy it!

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