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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Dec 30th 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Dec 30th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Szvorák Kati “Óévbúcsúztató” from Ènekeim (REP 1995) —"the old year off song" - a Hungarian New Year's Eve song, and a tradition on this showBuy it!


Māris Muktupāvels & Dzēra alu, spēlēja un dziedāja “Kas Dzer Alu” from Alus Dziesmas (UPE www.upe.lv 2001) —2 Latvian Drinking songsBuy it!


Māris Muktupāvels & Dzēra alu, spēlēja un dziedāja “Padarēju Alutenu” from Alus Dziesmas (UPE www.upe.lv 2001)Buy it!


Teppo Välimäki “Haudanmaan Hääpolska” from Taysin Palkein: The Best Of Finnish Folk Accordion (Olarin Musiikki Oy 1993) —the "B" melody is based on the later Renaissance "Romanesca", whose base line was the origin for many variations in the historic period and then moved up north into Scandinavia and FinlandBuy it!


Hedningarna “Vottikaalina” from Kaksi! (Silence 1992)Buy it!


Ciprian Porumbescu ens. Suceava “Hora din Voinitel” from Bucovina I (Electrecord (LP))Buy it!


Mihai Botofei “Joc de doi de la Botești” from Mihai Botofei (Electrecord (LP))Buy it!


Ion Drăgoi (with Zamfir orch.) “Sârba de la izvoare” from Ion Drăgoi (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro)Buy it!


Gheorghiță Buta Gârbănel - trompetă “Hora lui Hanganu” from Lăutarii din Dolhasca (Studio Bravo 2002)Buy it!


Traïcho Sinapov & Dimiter Paskov “Blagoevgradsko Horo i Sinapovska Rûchenitsa” from Horos and Rachenitsas (Balkanton (LP)) —"Blagoevgradsko Horo" is a 7/8 time tune that would have a dance called 'shirto' done to it nowadays. That dance is a Bulgarian-styled form of the Greek "syrto"Buy it!


At. Stoev (accordion) & M. Giorgiev (alto sax) “Iskrensko Horo” from Български Народни Хора и Ръченици (Balkanton (LP))Buy it!


Fejat Sejdić “Kacabačko Kolo” from Svirac Svira Kolo Igra (RTB (LP) 1976) —This begins a set of Serbian music plyed by Roma brass bandsBuy it!


Udruženi orkestar Miodraga Đekića i Dragana Stamenkovića “Nova Vlasinka” from Ora I Čočeci (RTS PGP 2005) —available from Yu4you.co.UKBuy it!


Udruženi orkestar Miodraga Đekića i Dragana Stamenkovića “Lovački Čoček” from Ora I Čočeci (RTS PGP 2005)Buy it!


Usnija Redzepova “Šta Hoćeš” from 30 Godina Sa Trubom (PGP - RTS 2009) —a dance song in 9/8Buy it!


Maria Koleva “Da sa mi jivi i zdravi” from Bulgarian traditional singing from Thrace ((self) 2011)Buy it!


Krâchno Horo (with Neno Koichev, accordion) “Trakiyska (Râchenitsa)” from Musique Populaires De Bulgarie (Silex 1994)Buy it!


ork. Carimir “025 SHINKO LIO-ork.CARIMIR” from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006) —one of the best of the "wedding bands" of the early '00sBuy it!


ork. Carimir “031 CARIMIRSKA RACHENICA-ork.CARIMIR” from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006)Buy it!


Mariya i Magdalena Filatovi “Kitka (Doïdi, doïdi, libe le; Dzhore dos)” from Pirinska Hubost (Payner ww.payner.bg 2009) —this starts a dance set from Pirin district, Bulgaria. You can do an Arap to this.Buy it!


Mariana Manoleva “Oj Devojche Belo Ta Tsurveno” from Sluntse Se Slega Da Zajde (VVD - Ruychev 2001) —this slow 7/8 would have "lesnoto" done to it in the FYR Macedonia side of the border, but probably would have a Shirto done on the Bulgarian side.Buy it!


Nadia Evtimova “Magda” from Ogreyala Mesechina (ARA www.ara-bg.com) —this fast 7/8 (both this and the last track are divided 3+2+2), would have a Pirinska Chetvorka done to it.Buy it!


Nikolina Chakurdukova i Bobi Shapkov “Mari Mome” from Edna Mechta II (VD www.vvd-r.com 2005) —and no dance set from Pirin is complete without a fast 9/8 (called devetorka outside the area - they call it Shareni Chorapi, or even "pravo").Buy it!


Vajzat nga Kosova “Kemi ngrit flamurin” from Kengë Nusnije 7 (Doni (Chill Out) 2009)Buy it!


Shkurte Fejza, Shyhrete Behluli, Remzie Osmani, Motrat Mustafa “Kalavesh po vjen Fatbardha” from Me bilbilat e Mushtishtit (Chill Out 2009) —this is in 12/8 divided 3+2+2+3+2Buy it!


Vëllezërit Aliu “Oj fato fato” from Vëllezërit Aliu (Albanota) —another slow 7/8 song with very interesting syncopation in the percussion- the dance to this is a Sheriançe variant.Buy it!


Marem Aliev “DJal I Ri” from Marem Aliev Macedonia Dances (VAW Verlag 1996) —Aliev is Kosovar Albanian Rom, but, after living in Australia for a time (during which he played with the group Xenos), he moved to Switzerland, where this recording was made.Buy it!


Enver Batllava & Riza Selimi “Moj Martin” from Flamurin e Kemi Në Zemër (Ardi 2011)Buy it!


Ardit Gjebrea “Xhixhile - Ardit Gjebrea” from Me yjet e vitit 2000 ((self))Buy it!

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