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KDHX Playlist Info:

Spinitron - KDHX Label: self-release

self-release merch


Disks on self-release logged in KDHX's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Bent Left Merch

premeditaed insanity Buy it!


Big George Brock Merch

Lay These Blues On Me Buy it!


Big Jeff Chapman Merch

Big Jeff's Blues, Vol. 2 Buy it!

Big Mike Aguirre and the Blu-City All-Stars Merch

Live at BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups Buy it!


Bottoms Up Blues Gang Merch

2nd Set Buy it!

Charles Coli McNair Merch

Before You'll Ever Know Buy it!

Dave Herrero Merch

Austin to Chicago Buy it!


Dave Herrero Merch

Hard Life Blues Buy it!


David Dee Merch

Going Fishing With Bonus Tracks Buy it!

Deak Harp Merch

Mississippi Bound Buy it!


The Dowden Sisters Merch

Hymns And Sacred Songs Vol. 1 Buy it!


The Dowden Sisters Merch

Traditional Folk Songs Vol. 1 Buy it!

The Dowden Sisters Merch

Traditional Folk Songs Vol.1 Buy it!

The Funky Butt Brass Band Merch

Cut The Body Loose Buy it!

Ground Floor Band Merch

Nothin's Black or White Buy it!

Jimkata Merch

Ghosts and Killers - EP Buy it!


Jimmy Bowskill Merch

Soap Bars & Dog Ears Buy it!

Kim Massie Merch

A Lady By Choice Buy it!

LeRoy Haslag Merch

Reflections Of A Missouri Fiddler Buy it!

Michael English Merch

Once Upon A Time Buy it!

The Orange Drop Merch

Drone Pop EP Buy it!


Paul Jarvis and the Old Barnboys Merch

Singin' Willie Buy it!


President F.D.R Merch

Dec. 7th, 1941 Buy it!

Slim and Zella Mae Cox Merch

Find Your Way Back Home Buy it!

Slim and Zella Mae Cox Merch

I Want To Go There Buy it!

Slim and Zella Mae Cox Merch

One Day At A Time and The Old Country Church Buy it!

Slim and Zella Mae Cox Merch

Wait'll you see my brand new home Buy it!

Soulard Blues Band. Merch

Alive - Joe's Cafe Buy it!

Squidblade Merch

demo Buy it!


Swing Set Merch

Take me Where They Play the Blues Buy it!

Trigger 5 Merch

Three Cords Buy it!