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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Feb 27th 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Feb 27th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Tale Ognenovski “Ohridsko Oro” from Tale Ognenovski (Radio Televizija Skopje) —this is in so-called Macedonian 12/8, divided 3+2+2+3+2Buy it!


Tale Ognenovski “Skopsko Zhensko Oro” from Tale Ognenovski (Radio Televizija Skopje) —the title means "Women's dance from Skopje"Buy it!


Ilija Ampevski “Berovska Gajda” from Ampe (Mister (cassette)) —The name technically means "bagpipe", but refers to a dance form based on tunes with a bagpipe charcter.Buy it!


Marem Aliev “Gajda Preshevari” from Macedonian Dances (VAW Verlag) —this is in slow 7/8 divided 3+2+2Buy it!


Tale Ognenovski “Oro "Poziv Dojde"” from Tale Ognenovski (Radio Televizija Skopje)Buy it!


Stojan Trajkovski and Tode Mitsevski “Chanishko Oro” from "Pelagonski Biseri" (diskos) —this tune is in 9/8 divided 2+2+2+3Buy it!


Stojan Trajkovski and Tode Mitsevski “Suvodolsko Oro” from "Pelagonski Biseri" (diskos) —tune is in 11/8Buy it!


Skender Amet “Virtuozna Harmonika Čoček” from Čočeci i Makedonski Narodni Ora (RTB)Buy it!


Blagoja Deskovski “Ti li se najde Leno mori” from Blagoja Deskovski / violina (MPT)Buy it!


Blagoja Deskovski “Zlestosko Oro” from Blagoja Deskovski (MPT) —tune in 11/8Buy it!


Vidanka Djordjievska “Parahodod mi pristigna” from Macedonian Folk Songs (Mister (cassette)) —this is a table song -slow and unmeteredBuy it!


Vidanka Djordjievska “NAšata bela Rada” SINGLE (Mister) —this is in 5/8. This performer will be at the EEFC BAlkan camps in Mendocino, California and Iroquois Springs, New York this summer, teaching and playing. Contact www.eefc.org for details, or leave a message at my webpage www.kdhx.org/musicfromthehillsBuy it!


Stefče Stojkovski “Deverovo Oro” from From the well of Pirin Mountain ((self) 2007) —this song is in ručenica 7/8Buy it!


Stefče Stojkovski “Što mi se nešto belee / Uči karaj Lena le mamo” from From Well of Pirin Mountain 1 ((self) 2006) —these songs are both in pajdško rhythm - 5/8 divided 2 plus3Buy it!


vocal group with Stefče Stojkovski ens. “Slunce se slega da zajde” from From the Well of Pirin Mountain 2 ((self) 2007) —a modern song given the Izvorno treatmentBuy it!


womens group with the Stefče Stojkovski ensemble “Kalina grlo bolelo” from From the Well of Pirin Mountain 2 ((self) 2007)Buy it!


Stefče Stojkovski ens. “Elenino oro” from From the Well of Pirin Mountain 3 ((self) 2008) —this is a Bulgarian dance that made it across the border and has been done in FYR Macedonia and Northern Greece for a long time. The tunes this group uses, though are of Bulgarian originBuy it!


Adrijana Alachki “Shto Imala K'smet Stamena” from Regards from Macedonian volume one ((self) 2007) —accompanied by an izvorno style groupBuy it!


Adrijana Alachki “Na Srce mi Lezhi Mila Mamo” from Regards from Macedonia volume One ((self) 2007)Buy it!


Adrijana Alachki “More Chicho Reche da me Zheni” from Regards from Macedonia volume two ((self) 2007) —a song in 5/8 divided 2+3Buy it!


Adrijana Alachki “Zurli treshtat na Sred Selo” from Regards from Macedonia volume two ((self) 2007) —a song in fast 7/8 divided 2+2+3Buy it!


Dragi Spasovski “Bolen Leži Mladi Jovan” from Echo of My Soul (Izvor Music www.izvormusic.com 2007) —Izvor music is a fabulous source of old-style Macedonian music , both recorded and in printed scores (the books come with CDs with the source recordings)Buy it!


Ovčepolska/Osogovka “Ovcepolska/Osogovka” from Macedonian Folk Dances (BM www.bourque/moreau.com 2002)Buy it!

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