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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun May 1st 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun May 1st 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Esma Redzepova “Esma's Song” from Songs of a Macedonian Gypsy (Monitor 1994) —this is the "early Esma"Buy it!


Esma Redzepova-Teodosievska “Sine Stojane” from Esma (ETA) —in paidushko rhythmBuy it!


Esma Redzepova-Teodosievski “Sama Sedam” from Esma (ETA)Buy it!


Simeon Atanasov “Maško oro” from Simeon Atanasov SINGLE (Senator (cassette tape)) —this is in a complex 7/8 time divided 3+2+2, but syncopatedBuy it!


Ferus Mustafov “Oyun Havasi” from (45 rpm disc) (RTB) —in the chalgiya style he played in his youthBuy it!


Ferus Mustafov “Svadbarski Čoček” from (45 rpm disc) (RTB) —this is in 9/8 (divided 2+2+2+3). The violin player is the Roma musician Enver MacherBuy it!


Ferus Mustafov “Demirovo oro” from Ora i Čočeci (Jugoton 1987) —This is in fast Bulgarian Pravo style. The LP was mastered in February of 1987, and is not to be confused with an album of the same title released later.Buy it!


Ferus Mustafov and Ilmi Jasarov “Violetino Oro” from Tatko i sin Mustafovi (Jugoton (LP) 1988) —when in his 20's, Mustafov built his own recording studio and controlled the quality of his recordings - excellent for their time, especially in Macedonia. The title of the album means "father and son"Buy it!


Ferus Mustafov “Dada Sali” from Macedonian Wedding Soul Cooking (Globe Style 1995) —one of the best-known tunes of this genre. Although the band here seems to just play it over and over again, they subtle variations they play around with make this a classic. They also use a "country" instrument, the zurna in the middle section.Buy it!


Ferus Mustafov “Anadolski Čoček” from Ferus King (Senator 2005) —a tune in slow 9 - very Turkish Rom ("AnadolskI" in the title refers to its Turkish origins)Buy it!


Ferus Mustafov “Šutka Čoček” from Ferus King (Senator 2005R Buy it!


Usnija Redzepova “Šunen Romalen” from The Best of Usnija Redžepova SINGLE (RTS/PCP) —with Serbian-style brass bandBuy it!


Vladimir Kandić “Aven Romalen, Aven Cavalen” from Svirajte cigani (RTS/PCP) —a Serbian style song done with a Roma twistBuy it!


Saban Bajramovic “Opa Cupa” from The King of Gypsy Song (Hi Fi Centar)Buy it!


Aleksandar Sisic “Romska Igra” from Aleksandar Sisic (RTP/PGP) —the best known of the Roma fiddlers in SerbiaBuy it!


Aleksandar Sisic “Romaska Čarlama” from Aleksandar Sisic (RTP/PGP)Buy it!


Goran Bregovic “Underground Cocek” from Underground (Mercury France 1995)Buy it!


Boban Marković “Disko - Džumbus” from Millenium (2000 X-produkcio 2000)Buy it!


Ivo Papasov “Ivaylovsko horo” from Best Of - Ivo Papasov (Balkanton 2000)Buy it!


Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra “Hristianova Kopanitsa” from Balkanology (Hannibal 1991)Buy it!


Romica Puceanu “Ileana, Ileana” from Suburban Bucharest (Trikont)Buy it!


Fanfare din Zece Prăjini “Florica  ” from Musique du monde - Fanfare paysanne de Zece Prâjini (Buda) —this is a field recording of the traditional style this band was famous for. Afater exposure to Balkan brass bands in Western European folk festivals, they changed their name and came out with the next recording...Buy it!


Fanfare Ciocarlia “Manea Tiganilor” from Baro Biao (Piranha 1999) —"Manea" refers to the Romanian "chochek" styleBuy it!


Vasile Armeanca “Alilili Monica” from Suburban Bucharest (Trikont) —this is modern Romanian ManeaBuy it!

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