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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Oct 9th 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Oct 9th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Duo Stoyanova “Krivo Sadovsko Horo”
from Bulgarische Volkstänze Für 2 Gitarren (ears love music 2010) —this rhythm (freely interpreted here) is 13/8 = 2+2+2+3+2+2


Kolev Family “Dos Dos”
from Balkan Voices (Kolev Era Folk www.koleverafolk.com 2001) —this family group, plus the great Bulgarian Accordion player Ivan Milev, will be in St. Louis October 1 &2. Go to www.kdhx.org/musicfromthehills for details


Kolev Family “Nad Neda hvarkat dva galaba”
from Balkan Voices (Kolev Era Folk www.koleverafolk.com 2001) —in slow (Thracian) Rûchenitsa meter. There bagpipe imitation section towards the end is unusual for a gadulka player, but Nikolai is REALLY good.


Kolev,Nicholai “Sick Lay Nedelia”
from Gadulka Melodies (Kolev Era Folk www.koleverafolk.com 2000)


Maria Koleva “Da Sa Mi Jivi I Zdravi”
from Ot Izvora - Bulgarian Traditional Singing From Thrace (Kolev Era Folk www.koleverafolk.com) —a too short song in Païdushko rhythm


Kalinka Zgurova “Boyu Le, Pravna Pravnino”
from StranDJa Folk Songs (Gega 2008) —The singer is from Strandzha, the southeast of Bulgaria. The song is in Rûchentisa rhythm


Kalinka Zgurova “Zapravi Georgi Kaldaram”
from StranDJa Folk Songs (Gega 2008) —a very danceable Pravo, as well as a nice old-fashioned song. This is a re-issue of a recording of about 30 years ago.


Ivan Dyakov “V Gradinata moma sedeshe”
from Zlatni Makedonski Hitove - 1 Chast (Payner ww.payner.bg 2009) —a Pirin (south-west Bulgaria) singer, the the favored 9/8 of the region - recent recording


Tatiana Sârbinska “Mari Dimano (Dimana!)”
from Katerino Mome (MK Balkanton) —in slow 7/8 with much rubato


Tatiana Sârbinska “Gala tsapi borinata”
from Katerino Mome (MK Balkanton) —in rûchenitsa rhythm


Tatiana Sârbinska “Mori Ezh se zheni”
from Katerino Mome (MK Balkanton) —this songis a Païdushko punctuated by free-rhythm sections


Slavka Kalcheva “Kitka #4(Slaveno Mome/Zvezda or Nebe Padnala/Zlayubila Byala Kalina)”
from Byala Roza i Oshte Neshto (Payner ww.payner.bg 2009) —"Kitka" means a bouquet or bunch. It is the style of many new recordings of Bulgarian "wedding" music to record songs in like rhythm in groups of from 7-25 min in length - useful for playing in bars so people can dance.


Maria Koleva “Visoko Stoish Zvezdo Lio”
from Ot Izvora - Bulgarian Traditional Singing From Thrace (Kolev Era Folk www.koleverafolk.com) —here with Ivan Milev, in "wedding style"


Dafo Trendafilov “Master's Ruchenitsa (Чорбаджийцка Ръченица)”
from Weep, My Bagpipe, Weep (MK) —re-mastered from old Balkanton recordings. This kaba gaïda player comes from the Rodope mountains in the south of Bulgaria


Светльо Жилев “Момне, ле, мари хубаво”
from Трите гайди —again, played on the deep-droned kaba gaïda, which has a large enough bag that the bagpipe-player, as here, can sing while he plays. I met this musician in Bulgaria where he was playing at the entrance to the Yagodina cave!


Kostadin Atanasov “Gaydine sviryat-horo se vie”
from Sharena Gaïda (VD www.vvd-r.com 2008) —This wonderful CD features bagpipe playing from all over Bulgaria by this versatile musician, accompnied by good traditional singers. This is is from Rodope; the next track is from much farther north and west.


Kostadin Atanasov “Graovska & Sitno Shopsko”
from Sharena Gaïda (VD www.vvd-r.com 2008) —from the Shop district of Western Bulgaria


Pendari Folk Band “Mari babo gurbava”
from Nazdrave (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2003) —a Rûchenitsa


Pendari Folk Band “Trugnala e Ruma moma”
from Nazdrave (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2003) —a Daïchovo (9/8 divided 2+2+2+3


Stefan Georgiev (accordion) “Plevenska kopanica”
from Bulgarian Folk Songs And Dances- A Folklore Stroll Around Bulgaria (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2007) —kopanitsa = 2+2+3+2+2 = 11/8 - player REALLY fast here


Kalina i Georgi Germanovi “Zalubi Kolio dve momi”
from Bulgarian Folk Songs And Dances- A Folklore Stroll Around Bulgaria (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2007) —song in Païdushko rhythm = 5/8 = 2+3


Ivan Milev Band “Rachenica”
from The Flight Of Krali Marco (self-released 2006) —The accordion player will be here Oct. 1-2. The saturday night concert is at University United Methodist Church, just south of the Lion Gates in University City - 7:30pm. There will be a house concert on Sunday night, Oct. 2, at 6946 Cornell in U. City.


Ivan Milev Band with Maria Kolev “You And Me, Here And There”
from The Flight Of Krali Marco (self-released 2006) —and this is the singer with the band coming October 1 & 2. The CD can be purchased from CDbaby.com and around


Иван Милев с оркесър "Младост" “Чирпанлийско Хоро”
from Иван Милев с оркесър "Младост" (Payner ww.payner.bg 1994) —this is taken from an "out of print" cassette that really needs to be re-issued; it is some of the best music of the genre. The accordion player, Ivan Milev, will be in St. Louis Oct. 1&2. See above for details.

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