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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Dec 25th 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Dec 25th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


The Mellstock Band “Glory Shone Around”
from Glad Tidings - A West Gallery Christmas (Musical Heritage Society 2007) —an example of unaccompanied West Gallery singing. this tradition came across the Atlantic during Colonial times and was taken up by William Billings and other American composers and became the shape note tradition we have still preserved in the American


Columbus Consort “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night”
from Christmas in Early America (Channel Classic 1993) —this is from the more formal American Episcopal Church tradition of the late 18th century and has a lot in common with Georgian English music.


Columbus Consort “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night”
from Christmas in Early America (Channel Classic 1993) —this "fuguing tune" is by American colonial composer William Billings


Boys of the Lough “The Wexford Carol”
from Midwinter Live (Lough 2007) —an Irish Carol that has survived in its English translation


Sileas “Christmas Day in the Morning (Oidhche Nollaig)”
from File Under Christmas ((self)) —one of my favorite Christmas recordings, these two musicians (Mary Macmaster and Patsy Seddon) put out this cassette for a winter concert tour and never released it to a wider audience, to my knowledge


Boys of the Lough “Coinnie An Linbh Iosa (the candles of the boy Jesus)”
from Midwinter Live (Lough 2007) —an Irish Carol from the 1960s


Sileas “Christ Child Lullaby”
from File Under Christmas ((self)) —a song by Fr. Ronald Ranken


Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band “The Sans Day Carol”
from English Folk Carols (Portrait) —a Cornish Carol, here set in mock-medieval style


Ranarim “Tiggarvisa”
from Allt vid den ljusa stjärnan (Schmalensee Produktion 2008) —"the beggar's song" begins our Swedish set


Ranarim “Godafton här”
from Allt vid den ljusa stjärnan (Schmalensee Produktion 2008)


Sågskära “God Morgon, Käre Fader”
from Apelgrå (Drone 2000) —from southern Sweden


Sågskära “Nu Är Det Jul Igen (polska)”
from Apelgrå (Drone 2000) —this 3/4 time dance is based on a Chrismas song


Triakel “Staffanvisa från Orust”
from WinterSongs (Northside 2001) —a Staffanvisa is a St. Stephen's day song - December 26


Triakel “Julvisa från Älvdalen”
from WinterSongs (Northside 2001)


Sågskära “Julbocken”
from Apelgrå (Drone 2000) —the Yule Goat


A magyar dudzenekar (The Hungarian Pipeband) “Karácsonyi dallamok”
from Dudásom, dudásom, kedves muzsikásom (Hangvetó 2004) —thie begins our Hungarian set, with a bunch of songs accompanied by a whole group of bagpipes of the Hungarian type


Sebõ Ferenc “Paradicsom szegeletje”
from Játék Karácsonykor (Gryllus 2010) —this is an old song


Sebõ Ferenc “Amíg zengünk víg éneket”
from Játék Karácsonykor (Gryllus 2010) —this is a new carol in folk style, composed by Ferenc Sebõ


Kobzos “Karácsony (Nativitas) - Egy angyal...”
from Három aranyalma (Kobzos 2009) —this is a carol from the Moldvai Csango - a Hungarian minority group living on the Eastern Slopes of the Carpathians in Romania


Kobzos “Karácsony (Nativitas) - A kis Jézus Aranyalma”
from Három aranyalma (Kobzos 2009) —another Csango song


Kathona Monika “Kedves álmot hogy szerezne szülöttjének...”
from Nyitva l/eattam Mennyország kapuját (Allegro Thaler 2004) —a Csango Crêche song


Werchowyna “Jak s'iew Jsos Chrystos”
from Pieśni Święte i grzeszne (Konador) —a song from Ukraine, probably from the Lemko dialect group - the Lemko are found in southeastern Poland and northeastern Slovakia as well


Werchowyna “Mizerna Cicha”
from ...hej, kolęda, kolęda (Konador) —another Lemko Christmas song


Werchowyna “Gore Gwiazda Jezusowi”
from ...hej, kolęda, kolęda (Konador) —and another...


Muzička “Koledy (Goral, Kysuce, &Terchova)”
from Muzička [3] ((sent as an mp3 by the Musicians) 2011) N  —similar carols sung in the styles of the areas listed, all a short "drive" from each other, but very different in style because of the mountains that divide them.


Cimbálová Muzika Stanislava Gabriela a Jan Přeučil “Krásná Panna”
from Neseme Vám tú novinu (Indies Scope Indies.eu 2011) N  —this and the next 2 selections are from Southeastern Moravia


Bambini di Praga & Hradišt'an “Štěstí, zdraví”
from Moravské Koledy (multisonic)


Soubor úsvit, České Budjějovice, Malá Muzika, Jaroslav Krček “Hopsa, pacholátka - Kmotr Bouček”
from Česke Vanočni Koledy —this and the next selection are from the Bohemian tradition of soing Christmas songs to bagpipe accompaniment


Marta Sebestyen “Betlehem, Betlehem - Betlehem, Betlehem”
from Jeles Napok - High Days (Gong 1996) —a Hungarian/Csango song we played earlier, but here done up in folk-fusion mode

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