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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jan 15th 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jan 15th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Ramazan Güntek ve Arkadaşları (Keşan) “Trakya Karşılamaşı”
from Ver Coşkuyu -2- (Ulusum) —this show continues the music of Turkey. It will devoted to music of the urbanized Roma, mostly from kesan and Istanbul. we start with a Karsilamas - a free dance in 9/8 done by both Turks and Greeks


Yaşar Sesler “Çifte Telli”
from Keşan'lı Yaşar Sesler'le oynamaya var mısın? (Ulusum) —slow 9/8 time


M. Kemalpaşa 'li Ilhan Günç ve arkadaşları “Düğün Çiftetelli”
from Çiftetelli ve Düğün Oyun Havaları (RAKS) —this cassette from 30 years ago retains good fidelity, but has no information


Mustafa Kandirali & Ensemble “Collection Of Dancetunes”
from Caz Roman (World Network 1992) —many melodies in a variety of rhythms, from the very slow Harmandali Zeybek to other more generic fast tunes. there are also some great solos by the various musicians. Catch the kanun player especially.


Mustafa Kandirali & Ensemble “Mastika”
from Caz Roman (World Network 1992) —the melody for this extended piece is from a famous song about one of the favorite libations of the clientele of the bars in which this kind of music is played. "Mastika" is flavored like ouzo, and the better brands are so smooth you can easily have more


Selim Sesler “Biz Neşeli Romanız”
from Romanes Clarinet: Ayılana Gazoz Bayılana Limon (Özlem 2007) —a piece in 9/8 in the Kesan style. Sesler and his fellow Roma constitute the largest concentration of musicians of this style in turkey


Selim Sesler & The Sounds Of Thrace Ensemble “Tulum”
from Roads To Kesan: Regional And Turkish Rom (Gypsy) Music Of Thrace (Traditional Crossroads 2000) —a "tulum" is a piece, usually in 9, with the first 2 beats played heavily (we would say beats 1 & 3 out of 9, some some musicians count this as 4 beats, the 4th being half again as long as the others: "1,2,3, 4-"


Brenna MacCrimmon “Ahmed'in Saclari Kinali”
from Karşılama (Green Goat Music 1998)


Ahmet Kuşgöz “Tulum Roman Havasi”
from Turkish Gypsy Music (ARC www.arcmusic.co.uk 2001)


Burhan Öçal & Istanbul Oriental Ensemble “Hicazkâr Sahin Oyun Havasi”
from Gypsy Rum (Network www.networkmedien.de 1995) —This track is not so much about variations on a theme as it is a showcase for the various soloists.


Burhan Öçal & The Trakya All Stars Feat. Smadj “Zigoş”
from Oynamaya Geldik (Double Moon 2006) —this track begins an exploration of the newer styles the Roma have gone into in the last few years. This is an electrified version of old village music, featuring the sound of the zurna over the top of electronic music


Laço Tayfa “Malatya”
from Bergama Gaydası (Rh Pozitif) —the old song "Malatya" that we began last week's show with, but with elements of Indian music, rock, and pop.


Selahattin Alpay “Malatya”
from Türkülerin Efendisi (Kadirga Müzik 2004) —this starts with the traditional "B melody" of Malatya, but then takes off from it to make a "folk-pop-fusion" piece.


Hüsnü Şenlendirici & Trio Chios “Bekledim De Gelmedin”
from Ege'nin İki Yanı (both sides of the Aegean) (Double Moon 2010) —and, last, we have a CD of music that is a collaboration with Greek musicians, of repertoire common to both groups, something that never would have happened 30 years ago.


Erol Köker, Zara, Orhan Hakalmaz, & Elvan Erbaşı “Bursa Köy Güvendeleri”
from Türkülerle Türkiye - 16 Bursa (Ulus Müzik www.ulusmuzik.com 1999) —and we end with a long track in the "radio folk" style we began with last week.

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