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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun May 6th 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun May 6th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Tanec “Majskovo oro” from Tanec RTB LPV-1211) (RTB) —this is in 18/8 divided 11+7, or 2+2+3+2+2+3+2+2Buy it!


Trajce Trenkoski “Penčo Vojvoda oro” from Trajce Trenkoski (MRT) —This show is all music from the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, a mainly Slavic-speaking country that also has numbers of Albanians, Roma and TurksBuy it!


Trajce Trenkoski “Eleno oro” from Trajce Trenkoski (MRT) —this dance is done a lot in Northern Bulgaria, but has spread in the last 100 years to FYR Macedonia and is even done in northern GreeceBuy it!


Tanec “Žetarski Pesni” from Tanec RTB LPV 1210 (RTB) —this is "National Ensemble" music from the largest of the old Tito-era ensemblesBuy it!


duet Divna Gieva - Dušica Bojadžijeva “Digni si mare mori očite” from Tanec (RTB LPV 1236) (RTB) —this tune is in 9/8 divided 2+3+2+2Buy it!


Ćalgii “Oj Zarino prva sevdo” from Староградски Бисери со чалгиите на МРТ (MRT (cassette)) —this is urban "starogradski" music played by a Ćalgija ensembleBuy it!


Pece Atanasovski ens. “Ovčepolsko Oro” from Macedonian Dances Of Pece Atanasovski 2 (BM www.bourque/moreau.com 2002) —one of the signature pieces (in 11/8) by the legendary bagpipe player Pece Atanasovski, who actually visited St. Louis about 33 years ago, and is now deceasedBuy it!


Bapčorki “Koga osunva Pustata Streda” from (45 rpm disc) (RTB) —this famous female vocal trio is here accompanied in "izvoren" styleBuy it!


Pece Atanasovski ens. “Sitna Lisa” from Macedonian Dances Of Pece Atanasovski 2 (BM www.bourque/moreau.com 2002) —another dance tune played in "izvoren" styleBuy it!


Tale Ognenovski i nar. orkestar Golevski-Nančevski “Nevenino oro” from Makedonska Ora (EPY-3851) (Jugoton) —this style is that of radio Skopje and is derived from the urban traditionBuy it!


Stefče Stojkovski “More Mi Stanala” from Macedonian Songs And Dances From Tikvesh Region ((self) 2010) —this song in 7/8 (3+2+2) is in the "izvoren" style as it is currently being played by its greatest contemporary exponentBuy it!


Various Artists (tambura player not listed) “Reka Na Životot (Tambura)” from Ezgija (Mister 2009)Buy it!


Stefče Stojkovski “Oti Ne Igraiš Vece” from Macedonian Songs And Dances From Tikvesh Region ((self) 2010)Buy it!


Meglenki “Sarakino (Meglinki, from Amolpias, AEgean Macedonia)” from Meglenki (PTC (Radio Televizia Skopje)) —song in 7/8Buy it!


Μουσικοακρίτες “Σαρακίνα” from Μακεδονικές Μουσικές Ρίζες ((self) 1998) —A Greek group doing the preceding tune in their homage to the "izvoren" styleBuy it!


Kaval so Tambura duet “Dejgidi ludi mladi godini” from The Art of Macedonian Kaval (Mister 2008)Buy it!


Goran Alački “Blaženo Estradno oro” from Goran Alački (Mister 1995) —In his youth, Goran Alački was a firebrand of the accordion; now he plays in more traditional style, and even has a 3-CD set out with traditional dances.Buy it!


Jove Kekenovski “Vardarski Vez” from Makedonska Ora (Jugoton (cassette)) —this musician won first prize in accordion 3 times.Buy it!


Jove Kekenovski “Kukusko oro” from Makedonska Ora (Jugoton (cassette)) —this is in "Eleno Mome" rhythmBuy it!


Blagoja Deskoski “Abre momce Makedonce” from Blagoja Deskoski - violina (MRT)Buy it!


Blagoja Deskoski “Ribarsko Oro” from Blagoja Deskoski - violina (MRT) —tune in 9/8Buy it!


Vaska Ilieva & ans. Stevo Teodosievski “Iznika mi Badem Drvo” from Macedonia (Monitor) —this LP recording from the 1960's, a re-issue of Yugoslav recordings, did more than any other to publicize Slavic Macedonian music in the US. Vaska Ilieva was a very well-know singer in Yugoslavian Macedonia at the time.Buy it!


Vaska Ilieva & ans. Stevo Teodosievski “Ostanala Žena Udovica” from Macedonia (Monitor)Buy it!


Various Artists “Zelena Gora (Kaval)” from Ezgija (Mister 2009)Buy it!


Milaim Destanovski “Goce Berberot” from Etno Maleš ((self) 2011) —This Macedonian Rom kaval player comes from Berovo and is normally regarded as a resource for traditional material. This is his creative side.Buy it!


DD Synthesis (Goce Dimovski) “Pomnis Li” from Swinging Macedonia ((self))Buy it!

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