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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Sep 2nd 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Sep 2nd 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Ismet Peja & orch. Radio Prishtina “U Largove pa ba za (you left without saying a word)” from Kängät dhe Vallet e Shqiperice (Request (LP)) —this old LP was an American reissue of a Yugoslav recording from Radio Prishtina in Kosova in former Yugoslavia - about 45 years agoBuy it!


Naim Abazi & SHKA "Bajram Curri" “Oj Kosova Jonë (Naim Abazi & SHKA _Bajram Curri_)” from Margaritaret e Folklorit (RTP 1988) —this is the "radio folk style" that arose about 45-50 years ago, where the traditional instruments of Sharki, Çifteli, and Buzuq were combined into "orchestras" rather than played as solo or duet instruments as was traditionalBuy it!


SHKA "Jahë Salihu" “Buzë Liqenit” from Margaritaret e Folklorit (RTP 1988) —another song in the "heroic" radio folk styleBuy it!


Ismet Peja & orch. Radio Prishtina “Martesa e Lumtun (happy marriage)” from Kängät dhe Vallet e Shqiperice (Request (LP)) —an old "city style" songBuy it!


Marem Aliev “Gajda Preshevari” from Marem Aliev Macedonia Dances (VAW Verlag 1996) —Albanian/Kosovar Roma song. The Roma in Kosova, as elsewhere in the Balkans were often the professional musicians and, as in the next band, played zurna and Tûpan, but graduated to "city instruments in recent times. This musician now lives in SwitzerlanBuy it!


Marem Aliev “DJal I Ri” from Marem Aliev Macedonia Dances (VAW Verlag 1996)Buy it!


SHOTA “Odlomci iz Prizrenske Svabe (Bre, devojče/Rzgrnala grana jorgovana…)” from Ansambli folkloristik i kosovës (RTB (LP)) —this begins a set of Serbian songs from KosovaBuy it!


Jordan Nikolić & SHOTA “U Selu Kavga Golema” from Ansambli folkloristik i kosovës (RTB (LP)) —a well-know Serbian song sung elsewhere in greater Serbia, but this version is in 8/8 divided 3+2+3Buy it!


İzvodi Ansambl, SHOTA “Vrteška -Srpsko kosovsko kolo” from Ansambli folkloristik i kosovës (RTB (LP))Buy it!


Mara Djordjevic “Ajde, Jano, konja da prodamo” from Pesme sa Kosova i Metohije (RTS/PCP 2000) —The best known of the female Serbian singers in Kosova in the 50's and 60'sBuy it!


Gonda Manakovska “Krisi Pustika” from Kosovo: Music Of The Albanian Kosovars (FM 1999) —This singer has a Slavic last name, but is singing in Albanian on Albanian language radio. I would appreciate any information anyone has about her.Buy it!


Zajzi Trio “More DJal I Mejdanit” from Kosovo: Music Of The Albanian Kosovars (FM 1999) —a village style song, but in an accompanied studio modeBuy it!


Shahindere Bëriajoli “Gajdexhiju” from Vaj Moj Lule - Këngë dhe Vallet Popullore Shqiptare (Jugoton (LP)) —a very famous song from Albania proper that is here taken up by Kosovar AlbaniansBuy it!


Qamili i Vogël, Ukë Currani dhe Hadi Bajrami, & orkestra Gjakovare "Ymer Riza" “Shkojnë e vijnë menzit si era” from Vaj Moj Lule - Këngë dhe Vallet Popullore Shqiptare (Jugoton (LP)) —similar to the Zajzi trio, but in more traditional styleBuy it!


Resmije dhe Rifat Kida “Çike Malësore” from Çike Malesore (RTP (cassette) 1988)Buy it!


Vjollca Buqaj “Këngë për Ali Kelmendin” from Margaritaret e Folklorit (RTP (cassette) 1988)Buy it!


Nikollë Nikprelaj “Oj Lulja e Malësisë” (RTP (cassette) 1988) —originally trained for medicine, Nikprelaj eventually turned professional musicianBuy it!


Remzie Osmani “Kur Bie Tupani i Parë” from Remzie Osmani (RTP (cassette) 1988)Buy it!


Ilir Shaqiri “Veshur me të Bardha” from Djem petrita ka rritë Drenica (RTP (cassette) 1988) —These have all been cassettes I bought in Kosova in 1988, in happier times...Buy it!


Besnikët “Valle Popullore” from Besnikët - Këngë e Valle Dasmash —a dance tune known to all those from the Balkan Camps the EEFC puts on (visit www.eefc.org)Buy it!


Zeyne Doli & folk orch of Gjakova “Ne Të Dy Në Aksion” from Kah Pranvera (Jugoton (LP)) —from an from the collection of the late Stefni AginBuy it!


Vajzat e Shkupit “Q'po shtitet vllau jonë/Mos ke zbritë nga hana/Dikush e ka sha Luliejen” from Kengë nusnije me def (Lyra www.lyra.com 2011) —this recording for all its electronics, is aiming for an older style. The title of the CD means "wedding songs with frame drum", referring to the traditional way for women to accompany themselves while singing - something done as far west as Galicia in nBuy it!


Vajzat nga Kosova “Kemi ngrit flamurin” from Kengë Nusnije 7 (Doni (Chill Out) 2009)Buy it!


Samir Shehu & Corona “Potpuri 4” from Zico 1 - FESTIV--Popullore (Zico 2000)Buy it!


Enver Batllava & Riza Selimi “Moj Martin” from Flamurin e Kemi Në Zemër (Ardi 2011) —the old vocal and çifteli duet style, updated with drums and electronicsBuy it!


Kastriotët “Potpuri Dasmash” from Ani mori nuse - Këngë e Valle Dasmash (Zico 2003) —this borrows a lot from other Balkan styles - Roma, FYR Macedonia, etc.Buy it!


Valle Dasmash “Valle Dasmash 1” from Ani mori nuse - Këngë e Valle Dasmash (Zico 2003) —a çifteteli, the type for which can be found in Bulgaria Turkey, Greece and Macedonia among the RomaBuy it!


Zeqir Kryeziu & Bilbilat e Prizrenit “Vajta i rash rumelisë” from Kengë Arshikije (Arboni 2011)Buy it!

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