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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Sep 16th 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Sep 16th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Donka Koleva & Kabile “Dena Is Patia Varveshe”
from Traditional Music From Thrace (Self Produced 2011) —this group will be in St. Louis Saturday, 23 September, 7:30pm, University United Methodist church in U. City. Call (314)726-5838 for details


Kabile “Pravo Horo”
from Traditional Music from Thrace (self 2011)


Angel Nazlamov “Dessislavino Horo”
from Sadba /Fate/ ((self produced0 2003)


Pirinski Grivatsi “Kalino, Kalinche”
from Pirinski Grivatsi, I chast (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —This starts a group of songs and dances form Pirin district, Bulgaria - so-called Bulgarian Macedonia


Daniela Ivanova “Sevdelino (Pajdusko)”
from I Give You My Heart, My Soul (Self Produced 2008)


Образцово Читалище "Г. Тодоров" ор гр. Белица “Разболело се мамино Ленче”
from Пушка пукна на Илинден (ввд-Руйчев www.vvd-r.com) —this group is from Belitsa in the northern part of Pirin mountain


Mustafa Bindzhev “Тръгнали лудо”
from Бояно Керко (Синти Саунд ЕООД) —a ballad


Kabile “Rachenitsa”
from Traditional Music from Thrace (self 2011) —again, these folks will be in St. Louis next Saturday, September 23


Slavyany (with Angel Nazlâmov) “Desislavino Horo”
from 15 Years Together ((self produced0 2001)


Ivan Balabanov “Ya Elate Dyatsa (Я Елате Дяца)”
from Родопска Душа (Bofirov Muzik 2005) —typical Rhodope mountain bagpipe music, this in Rûchenitsa rhythm


Slavyany (with Angel Nazlâmov) “Kumova Rachenitsa”
from 15 Years Together ((self produced0 2001) —This style of "wedding music" is still popular now, and bands are booked for months in advance


Ivan Boichev and Izvor orchestra “Тополовска на трапеза и рученица”
from Ivan Boichev and Izvor orchestra (Balkanton (cassette) 1981) —a "table song" played as an instrumental, followed by a slow, southern Thracian-style Rûchenitsa. Compared with other instruments, the Tsigulka (violin) was much less recorded during the socialist period.


Boris Karlov “Sofijsko Šopsko Horo”
from Boris Karlov: Legend Of The Bulgarian Accordion (BMA Productions www.bourque-moreau.com/ 2003) —The pioneer of the Bulgarian national style of accordion playing. Very popular in his day, he even travelled to neighboring Serbia to play in sold-out halls. It was there he met his end from blood poisoning following a minor scratch.


Delcho Mitev & Dimiter Milarov “Paidoushko Horo”
from Bulgarian Folk Dances (Gega New 1996)


Didi Kushleva “Borelska Rachenitsa”
from 7/8 ... and something more (Zen Electronics 2005) —one of the famous singing Kushlevi sisters, she is also REALLY good on accordion


Folk Artists “Kamenopolsko (FK2)”
from Anthology of Folklore Music vol. 2 Bulgaria and Macedonia (Syncoop-Folkraft 1998) —this is a CD re-issue of a famous series of LPs recorded in the very early 1960s. The musicians were anonymous. This piece comes from the northern region of Bulgaria adjacent to the Danube river, as does the next selection, which is played by the town b


Horo ens. of Rusé “Petrovsko Elenino horo”
from Horo Orchestra (BHMC 7245) (Balkanton (cassette) 1981) —north Bulgaria looks across the Danube to Romania, where everything is played fast...


Ibro Lolov “Daichovo Horo”
from Chuchuligata (Milena Records 2001) —Daichovo is one of the favorite dances of this northern region; it is a different way of playing 9/8 than the 9/8 of Pirin.


Ibro Lolov & Band “Novoselska Rachenica”
from Bulgarian Folk Dances (Empire 2003) —an almost undanceably fast rûchenitsa from the far northwest


Jordan Iliev, Dimitar Bojadziev, Enei Vitanov, & Ianko Asenov “Shira”
from Made in Bulgaria - 95% Dance Music ((Petûr Iliev, prod.) 1999) —these musicians are playing a "real" Shira here, but are joking around by throwing in a number of Romanian clichés


Konushenski Folk Orchestra “Ilianova rachenica”
from Konushenski Folk Orchestra Autographs (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2006) —a slower Rûchenitsa than the one 2 cuts ago, but a lot easier to dance to... By one of the oldest of the new-style bands, dating back to the LP era.


Kosta Kolev “Shake Off Gaiters Ring Dance (Изтърси Калци)”
from Kosta Kolev BHA 1323- Bulgaria (Balkanton (LP)) —(only played in background)

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