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Spinitron - KDHX: Time Warp Radio Mon Oct 22nd 2012

Time Warp Radio (Music)

Mon Oct 22nd 2012 11.00pm–1.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Triumvarat “the March to the Eternal City (Live)”
from Sparticus (Harvest/EMI/Capitol 1975) R  —A rare live recording of this epic from 1975


Fleetwood Mac/Bob Welch era “Hypnotized”
from Live BBC from St. Louis 1974 (KBFH 1974) R  —Recorded in St. Louis at the Ambassador Theatre in 1974! The final tour of the Mac as a psych band.


The Mind Garage “Circus Farm”
from The Early Years (artist release 1968) R  —A demo from the RCA recording artists, all music of this interesting psych band can be purchased at www.mindgarage.com


Golden Earring “The Road Swallowed Her Name”
from Seven Tears (Red Bullet) —pre famous Golden Earring


Santana “Incident at Neshibar”
from Santana Second Album (Columbia)


Wilkinson Tri-Cycle “9-5 59'”
from Wilkinson Tri-Cycle (Fallout 1969) —An overlooked album that seems to be lumped in with late 60's hard rock/power trio gear (maybe because of it's boxy sound) but it's not like that type of sound at all. It contains some nice psych cuts, and is well worth a listen.


Batdorf and Rodney “Let Me Go”
from Off the Shelf (Atlantic unk 1972) R  —John Batdorf ispPlaying the Focal Point November 17th on Saturday. The tickets are just $10. available on the Focal Point Website. Very recommended acoustic show!


Ambrosia “Make Us All Aware”
from Ambrosia (20th Century Records 1975) R  —their first art rock psych lp. A very unique sound for 1975


Jake Jones “Il MO Junction”
from Jake Jones (Technisonic 1971) L —Local St. Louis band from 71'.


Uriah Heep “Stealin'”
from San Diego 1974 KBFH (BMG) —I never get tired of this song!


Ten Years After “Hard Monkeys”
from A Space In Time (Chrysalis 1971) —Playing with Johnny Winter in April 2013 in France. Ten Years After continues as a band without Alvin Lee.


Jeff Beck Group “Got the Feeling”
from BBC In Concert (Paris Theatre, 6th January 1972) (Promotional disc) —When they had a R@B funk/Rock Sound


Yes “White-Fish”
from Union LIve (WARD RECORDS 2010) —superb recording, confusing lineup :) Jon Anderson: lead vocals / rhythm guitar / tambourine Steve Howe: guitar / vocals Trevor Rabin: guitar / vocals Tony Kaye: keyboards / sound effects Rick Wakeman: keyboards / synthesisers / percussion on "Your Move"


Al Stewart “Terminal Eyes”
from Past, Present, and Future (Arista 1973) —Al Stewart's fifth studio album, released in October 1973 in the UK and in May 1974 in the US. This album is considered Stewart's first "major album" and it reached #133 on the Billboard Rock Album chart in 1974


Grand Funk Railroad “I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home) (live)”
from Live 1971 Tour (CAPITOL 1971)


Bubble Puppy “Beginning”
from Hot Smoke and Sassafras (Collectors Choiced 1968) —The band is still active, playing gigs in Texas


Illinois Speed Press “Morning Blues”
from Duet (Columbia 1969)


Bozz Scaggs “Loan Me A Dime”
from Boz Scaggs (Atlantic unk) —Recorded in 1969 from his first solo lp after leaving the Steve Miller.


Mountain “Taunta/Nantucket Sleighride”
from The Best Of (Columbia)


Nektar “Lonely Roads”
from RMTF (Bellaphon Records 1973)

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