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KDHX Playlist Info:

Spinitron - KDHX Thursday March 15th 2012

Thursday March 15th 2012

Time zone: central

1.00am The Love Mix (Music) DJ Johnny Orr Playlist
3.00am Elevated Rhymestate (Music) Wil Wander Playlist
5.00am Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst (Music) Rich Reese Playlist
7.00am Memphis to Manchester (Music) Pat Wolfe Playlist
10.00am Fishin' with Dynamite (Music) Tim Rakel Playlist
12.00pm The Greaser's Lunchbox (Music) Al Swacker Playlist
2.00pm The Record Sto' (Music) Doug Morgan Playlist
4.00pm Blursday (Music) John Playlist
7.00pm The Space Parlour (Music) Sub - Stefene Russell Playlist
9.00pm The Thursday Night Happening (Music) Matt Playlist
11.00pm Hindsight (Music) Matt Playlist