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KDHX Playlist Info:

Spinitron - KDHX Label: Black Round Records

Black Round Records merch


Disks on Black Round Records logged in KDHX's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Academicos De Salgueiro Merch

Music of Brazil/The Academicos do Salguerio Tradition Buy it!

Academicos Do Salgueiro Merch

Music of Brazil: The Academicos do Salguerio Tradition Buy it!

Angela Maria Merch

The Music of Brazil / Angela Maria / Recordings 1957 - 1958 Buy it!


Bola Sete Merch

Music of Brazil: The Guitar of Bola Sete Vol 1 Buy it!

Carmen Costa Merch

Music of Brazil/Samba of 1950s Buy it!

Dolores Duran Merch

Music of Brazil: Dolores Duran. Vol 1-Recordings 1955-1957 Buy it!

Dolores Duran Merch

The Music of Brazil: Dolores Duran, Vol. 1 - Recordings 1955-1957 Buy it!


Dorival Caymmi Merch

Music of Brazil/Dorival Caymmi/Recordings 1954-1057 Buy it!

Francisco Alves Merch

Music of Brazil: Armando Marcal & Bide Buy it!

Freddie King Merch

Live At the Electric Ballroom 1974 Buy it!


Inezita Barroso Merch

The Music of Brazil - Recordings 1958 Buy it!


Inezita Barroso Merch

The Music of Brazil / Inezita Barroso / Recordings 1958 Buy it!


Jackson do Pandeiro Merch

The Music of Brazil / Jackson Do Pandeiro / the Percussionist and Singer (1954) Buy it!


Jacob do Bandolim Merch

The Music of Brazil: Jacob Do Bandolim, Vol. 3 - Recordings 1950-1958 Buy it!


Marisa Gata Mansa Merch

The Music of Brazil: Marisa & Moacyr Silva - Recordings 1958 Buy it!


Maysa Merch

The Music of Brazil / Maysa , Vol. 1 / Recordings 1956 - 1958 Buy it!