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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Nov 27th 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Nov 27th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Bukkene Bruse “Til Sætersdal”
from Bukkene Bruse (Grappa 1993) —A famous tune from this Norwegian valley, given a new treatment


Dalakopa “Pols etter Marta-Johannes”
from Dalakopa (Helio 1986)


Dalakopa “Hoppvals fra Røros”
from Dalakopa (Helio 1986) —a hoppvals is in 2/4, not a sort of waltz, in the usual sense


Knut Buen, Leif Rygg & Kåre Nordstoga “Ringjaren (rull)”
from Bjølleslåtten: Slåttar etter Ola Mosafinn (1828-1912) (Buen kulturverkstad 1993) —from the fjord district of Norway


Tom Willy Rustad “Homslien”
from Fiolsteinen (Kvarts 2005)


Björn Ståbi, Kalle Almlöf, & Pers Hans “Polska from Rättvik after Pers Erik”
from Three Swedish Fiddlers (Shanachie 1991) —our Swedish set begins with 2 tunes from Rättvik, on the shores of lake Siljan in Dalarna, Sweden


Björn Ståbi, Kalle Almlöf, & Pers Hans “Polska from Rättvik after Höök Olof”
from Three Swedish Fiddlers (Shanachie 1991)


Mats Berglund, Leo Svensson, Andreas Ralsgård “Pellikvalsen efter Herman Strömberg”
from Mats Berglund trio (Giga 2003)


Olov Johansson (with Kalle Almlöf) “Hjort-Anders Stamppolska”
from I Lust Och Glöd (Drone 2007) —here featuring the sound of the Nyckelharpa


Olov Johansson (with Mikael Marin) “Polska Efter August Bohlin”
from I Lust Och Glöd (Drone 2007)


Qwinnen “Brudmarsch från Skellet”
from gla'pack.qwinnen (CDA 1997)


Svanevit “Lagerfeldt (polska efter Nils Lagerfeldt, Skåne)”
from Svanevit (Nordic Tradition 2005) —Skåne is in southern Sweden, adjacent to Småland


Toste Länne, Marie Persson* Magus Gustafsson “Östgötasverpen (polska, Småland)”
from Änglarnas Språk (Drone 1992) —this, and many of the tunes that follow, are from the Slångpolska tradition of Småland


Svanevit “PD 146 (polska) (Småland)”
from Svanevit (Nordic Tradition 2005)


Sågskära “Brudpolska From Vislanda, From P Wieselgrens Collection”
from Krook!: Utgår från Samuel Krooks skildring (Drone 1997) —this bride's march from Småland is a re-construction from a 200+ year old manuscript of tunes for all occasions found in a church in Småland. The organ accompanying this tune is from that church and is old non-altered organ in Sweden.


Björnlert, Löfberg och Pekkari “Stenbockens Marsch efter Pelle Ror / Polska av Sven Donat”
from Mikaelidansen (Giga 2000) —the strings here are accompanied by a table harp. Thanks to Bill Blanchard for loaning me this wonderful recording.


Sågskära “Midsommarpolskan”
from Skärvor (Drone 1994)


Björnlert, Löfberg och Pekkari “Loftahammarspolskan efter Karl Andersson”
from Mikaelidansen (Giga 2000)


Erik Pekkari Med Pella Björnlett M Fl “Lassens Polska (Småland)”
from Gubbstöt (Giga 2004) —just what makes this a "polska" (normally in 3/4) the liner notes don't say - it sounds like a polka to me...


Pelle Björnlert & Johan Hedin “Sorgeliga Var... / Herrborum (Småland)”
from Musikanter, Polskor Och Andanter (Giga 2006) —an odd little slow tune, followed by a Slångpolska


Pelle Björnlert & Johan Hedin “Upp Å Ut Å Gå (Skåne)”
from Musikanter, Polskor Och Andanter (Giga 2006)


Erik Pekkari Med Pella Björnlett M Fl “Polska”
from Gubbstöt (Giga 2004) —an interestingly accented 3/4


Per Gudmundson “Schottis från Lima”
from Per Gudmundson, Säckpipa (Giga (LP) 1983) —played on a Säckpipa (Swedish Bagpipe)


Ale Möller & friends “Solschottis”
from Ale Möller, Bouzoukispelman (Giga (LP) 1986) —this seminal recording was the first to popularize the use of the bouzouki/mandola in Scandinavian music


Ale Möller & Ellika Frisell “Blekingpolskan”
from Ale Möller, Bouzoukispelman (Giga (LP) 1986) —Ale Möller's great talent exended to his ability to accompany musicians in a way that show them aff to best advantage


Anita Anderson with Loretta Kelley “Jeg Tenker Sa Tidt Pa Min Bryllupsdag”
from Amerikaspel (Azalea City records 1986) —Loretta will be here the weekend of December to play for the workshop. Call (314) 726-5737 for details


Loretta Kelley “Urheimen”
from Amerikaspel (Azalea City records 1986)


Anita Anderson with Loretta Kelley “Ingjen Fugle Fyke Sa Hagt”
from Amerikaspel (Azalea City records 1986) —a fine old song from Norway


Loretta Kelley “Farande Fant”
from Amerikaspel (Azalea City records 1986)

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