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Spinitron - KDHX: Songwriters Showcase Sun Dec 4th 2011

Songwriters Showcase (Music)

Sun Dec 4th 2011 10.00am–12.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Gretchen Peters “Song For A Winter's Night”
from Northern Lights (Scarlet Letter 2008) —Good Morning, it's the first Sunday of December and we start with some of my favorite winter songs, including Gretchens take on this Gordon Lightfoot classic.


David Buskin “Words That Bring The Tears”
from Heaven Is Free Tonight (Joe Pie Records 1993) —A personal Larry Weir favorite (mine too) from this under the radar, New York songwriter, for many years he teamed with Robin Batteau in Buskin & Batteau.


Lynn Miles “LAST NIGHT”
from Black Flowers Vol. 1-2 (2009 High Romance Music Inc. Marketed and Distributed by True North Records 2009) —We close our winter song set with the brilliant Canadian singer/songwriter Lynn Miles from a series of recordings where she is re-recording all her songs in the original demo versions.


Terri Hendrix “The Dark”
from This One's For Him, Tribute to Guy Clark (Icehouse 2011) —A stunning cover of the title song from Guy's 2002 Sugar Hill CD, part of the wonderful 70th birthday (11/06/2011) present that Verlon Thompson and Shawn Camp put together. Guy at the Old Rock House Leap Day 02/29/2012.


Kasey Chambers “Everything's Turning to White”
from STORYBOOK (Liberation Music 2011) —Kasey covering Paul Kelly, one of 15, of her favorite influences she covers on her new cd, 2nd release this year (Little Bird), along with a book and a new baby girl "Poet" Congrats, Kasey on a remarkable 2011.


Guy Clark “Lone Star Hotel”
from Craftsman (Philo 1995) —As we said earlier Guy will be part of the Old Rock House's amazing listening room series on February 29, 2012, don't miss the legendary performer, their are also strong rumours that he will be back at Wildwood Springs Lodge this fall, we'll let you know.


Paul Kelly “If I Could Start Today Again”
from The A to Z Recordings (Universal Music Australia 2010) —Looking for a Christmas present for your songwriting fan friends, try Paul's box set/booklet of all of his recordings in alphabetical order recorded live, sure to please, got the idea from Butch Hancock's "No Two Alike" series at the Cactus Cafe.


Tin Can Troubadours “Turkey Blues”
from Single (self 2011) —A totally appropiate song by a fine local band, really appreciate that they took the time to deliver it to the station, check local listings and catch them live.


Robert Rolfe Feddersen “Get A Rope” (self 2011) —Something else I found in my mailbox, sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the new releases, but this one deserves a longer listen.


Jay Einhorn “Elephant in the Dark” (Steep Learning Curve 2011) —Ditto with this mailbox find from a Chicago based singer/songwriter that you should definitely check out, sings the old parable about touching parts of the elephant in the dark and guessing what it is.


Monica Casey “You Talk to Me”
from Again and Again (self 1996) L —Local fav, Monica will be part of Vol. 2 of the Songbird Cafe Series at the Focal Point 7:30 12/14, she'll be joined, in the intimate in the round setting patterned after Nashville's legendary Bluebird Cafe, by Roscoe Beano, Jane Godfrey, & Kevin Bilchik.


Griffin House “I Remember (It's Happening Again)”
from Flying Upside Down (Nettwerk www.nettwerk.com 2007) —Another songwriter you should know more about (but that's why you listen, right) Griffin will be part of the Old Rock House's listening room series, Thursday 02/23/2012 check him out, you won't be dissapointerd.


Kinky Friedman “Rapid City, South Dakota”
from Live In the KDHX Studio 12/02/2011 (Live At KDHX 2011) —Had the unique pleasure of hosting Kinky in the studio, What a trip that was, not concerned with political correctness Kinky offends everyone equally, how refreshing, hope you caught Kinky live at Off Broadway.


Gordon Lightfoot “Restless”
from Waiting For You (Reprise 1993) —As we like to do with Rich and Allen who help me out on Sundays and make the show a much more enjoyable experience, they pick a set of their favorites, here's Rich's set of Canadian legends.


Joni Mitchell “How Do You Stop”
from Turbulent Indgo (Geffen 1995) —Rich's set continues with the amazing Joni Mitchell, and won Rich a lot of brownie points from his wife Donna.


Bruce Cockburn “The Coldest Night Of The Year”
from Inner City Front (True North 1981) —Fitting todays theme singer, songwriter, superb guitarist, and prolific producer Bruce Cockburn sings his chilly classic, thanks Rich, great set as usual.


Murray McLauchlan “Bad Times”
from Human Writes (True North 2011) —Following Rich's cue I thought I would continue the Canadian theme, starting with something brand new from longtime favorite, Murray McLauchlan, a song he co-wrote with Alan Rhody.


Whitehorse “BROKEN”
from Whitehorse (Six Shooter Records 2011) —Another brand new & noted one from husband and wife team Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet, Melissa & Luke will make their St. Louis debut at the Duck Room Thursday March 8, 2012. Luke produces one of my favorite Canadian bands N.Q. Arbuckle.


Jim Cuddy “Banks of the 49”
from Skyscraper Soul (Warner Music Canada 2011) —1/2 of the lead singer/songwriter team (with Greg Keelor) of Canadian headliners Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy goes solo with his own fine band and continues the Blue Rodeo tradition on this always entertaining side project.


Brock Zeman “GONE”
from Ya Ain't Crazy Henny Penny (Mud Music 2010) —If you like Steve Earl and Chris Knight your sure to like young Canadian singer/songwriter Brock Zemann, check him out now so you can tell your friends you knew about him before he became a household name.


John Prine “Illegal Smile”
from The Singing Mailman Delivers (Oh Boy Records www.ohboy.com 2011) —I couldn't be there Saturday, but one thing I was sure of was that I'd be missing a great show with his long time band, Jason Wilber & David Jaques, and opening act Jason Isbell, John has never done anything but great shows, oh well maybe next time.


Warren Zevon “Wild Age”
from Bad Luck Streak in Drving School (FRM 1980) —A request for the late Warren Zevon is always a request I love getting, there's no such thing as too much Zevon, from the newly re-mastered and underrated "Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School".


Tom Russell “Mesabi” (Shout Factory www.shoutfactory.com 2011) —We're outta here, thanks Rich. A request for the title song from Tom's wonderful 2011 release, thanks for listening, support live music, see you next week.

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