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Spinitron - KDHX: Latin Hemispheres Sun Oct 30th 2011

Latin Hemispheres (Music)

Providing a wide spectrum of contemporary tunes, beats, sounds and pulsations all with the Latin touch. From club dance to traditional rhythms, from tock to jazz, from chill to throb. Two hours of fun, grace, weird and the human spirit. ¡Asi nos gusta!

Sun Oct 30th 2011 1.00am–3.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Monareta “Me Voy Pa'l Mar”
from Picotero (Nacional Rcds. 2008)


Monareta “El Combate Del Parlante”
from Fried Speakers (Nacional Records 2010)


Balkan Beat Box “Balcumbia”
from Blue Eyed Black Boy CD Album (Nat Geo Music/Ingroves 2010)


Los Ribereños “Silbando (GRC for NYC Remix)”
from Silbando (GRC for NYC Remix) - Single (Electric Cowbell Records 2010) —Also found on the compilation, 101 Things To Do in Bongolia, from same label.


Deela “Azua Azua”
from Latin Travels 2 (Six Degrees 2007)


Chancha Via Circuito “Rio Arriba” (ZZK Rcds. 2010) —Composed/remixed by Pedro Canale out of Argentina, his second release.


Quiero Club “The Flow”
from Nueva America (Nacional Rcds. 2009)


Choc Quib Town “De Donde Vengo Yo”
from Oro (Nacional Rcds. 2010)


Gui Boratto “Mr. Decay”
from Chromophobia (Kompakt/Truelove Publications 2007) —Brazilian musician/composer/producer and architect, Guilherme Boratto.


Poncho “R U Ready”
from Ponchototal (Nacional Rcds. 2009) —Javi Zucker, Leandro Lopatin and Fabian Picciano from Argentina, produced by brit. Justin Robertson.


Kinky “El Tiempo”
from Barracuda (Kin-Kon Rcds. 2008) —The five piece band from Mexico, their 4th studio release, co-produced by Beastie Boys fame, Money Mark.


Trimate “Cure To My Cancer”
from "A" (Trimate Produccions Cochabamba, Bolivia. 2011)


Celestina “Tener o No Razón” (OM Estudio/Inalcanzables Records 2010)


Mala Rodríguez “Dejame Entra”
from Malamarismo (Universal Music Spain S.L. 2007) —Born Maria Rodriguez Garrido in Spain, this is her 3rd release.


Ritmo Masacote “ενδοσκόπηση (Endoskopisi)”
from Fantagious (Masacote Records 2008) —Joel Massicot, keyboardist/producer/composer also a dance performer from Chelsea/Boston MA.


Masacote “Impressionionalize”
from Masacote (Masacote Rcds.)

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