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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Oct 31st 2010

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Oct 31st 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Zsarátnok “Våmpirok bálja/Vampire's Ball”
from Holdudvar Paraselene (Hungaroton (cassette tape)) —this fantasy is based mosty on South Romanian tunes, but played on Bulgarian kaval by Nikolai Parov and his Hungarian friends


Vizonto “Dance of Death”
from Kor (Gong 1994) —this is based on Moldvai Csángó tunes


Alexandru Țitruș “Doină Muresana”
from Les Virtuoses Roumaines (Pierre Verany)


Paul Stinga “Suite de Transylvanie”
from Sortilèges de la Musique Roumaine (Pierre Verany 1987)


Florica Duma “Cînd aud că-i nuntă-n”
from Fetele din Lăzăreni (Electrecord (LP)) —this, and the next 2 instrumental cuts, are music from the Bihor mountain area of central Transylvania


Petru Bundiș “Poargă din Inand/Ardelendesc din Săcădat”
from Petru Bundiș (Electrecord (LP))


Fratii Petreus “Eu la mîndra Cînd mă duc”
from Frații Petreuș (Electrecord (LP)) —this, and the next 2 tracks, are of a group from Maramureș, a group of mountain valleys north of Transylvania. The area has a very specific folklore, much of which is quite different from the surrounding areas


Fratii Petreus “Horea Găinii de pe Iza”
from Mărie, Oșanca Mea (Electrecord (LP)) —this is the instrumental version of the oldest song style in Maramureș


Fratii Petreus “Învîrtita din Apșa”
from Frații Petreuș (Electrecord (LP)) —this is a couple dance from the Apșa villages, all of which are now located on the Ukrainian side of the border with Romania


Ciprian Porumbescu ens. “Hora Mare Cîmpulungului”
from Rencontre avec la Roumanie - Bucovina - I (Electrecord (LP)) —music from Bucovina


Ciprian Porumbescu es. “Păhărel cu Floricele”
from Bucovina -I (Electrecord (LP))


Silvestru Lungoci “Batrîneasca din Gălănești”
from Silvestru Lungoci (Electrecord (LP)) —music from Bucovina


Silvestru Lungoci “Batrîneasca (on fluier mare)”
from Silvestru Lungoci (Electrecord (LP))


Silvestru Lungoci “Roata de la Volovăț”
from Silvestru Lungoci (Electrecord (LP))


Alexandru Bidirel “Sîrbă de la Stupca”
from Alexandru Bidirel (Electrecord (LP)) —this and the following, are dances from Bucovina in the northern Carpathians


Alexandru Bidirel “Șapte pași / La Închinatul Păhărelor / Arcanul de la Stupca”
from Alexandru Bidirel (Electrecord (LP))


Ilie Cazacu “Ciobanul Care și-a pierdut oile”
from Ilie Cazacu (Electrecord (LP)) —a "story piece" - the title means "when the shepherd lost his sheep" and depicts his sorrow at losing them the anxiety looking for them, and, finally, his joy at finding them


Ilie Cazacu “Jocul Zestrei / Huțulca”
from Ilie Cazacu (Electrecord (LP)) —these are dances from Bucovina (Bukovinia on most maps)


Csürrentő “Kezes”
from Tánczene ((self)) —This, and the next several tracks, represent music of the Moldvai Csángó, a Hungarian minority group living on the eastern slopes of the Carpathian mountains in Romania


Csürrentő “Stica”
from Tánczene ((self)) —this is a variant of the sirba done in the area by Romanians


Éva Kanalas and Géza Fabri “Túl a Vizen egy Kosár”
from Énekes Fünet ((private))


Éva Kanalas and Géza Fabri “Feljött a nap...”
from Énekes Fünet ((private))


Zurgó “Szeretőm a táncba (my lover in the dance)”
from You can hear the heartbeat of time (Hangvetó)


Zurgó “Fenn a Csilag, fenn az ég (the stars and sky above)”
from You can hear the heartbeat of time (Hangvetó)

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