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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Dec 26th 2010

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Dec 26th 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


The Columbus Consort “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night (A)” SINGLE (Channel Classic 1993) —this anthem is by early American composer William BillingsBuy it!


Bardosi Ildiko with Téka “Elindult Szüz Maria” from Transylvanian Village music ((self)) —this begins the Hungarian set. She is accopanied by a TekerőBuy it!


Kati Szvorák with members of Téka “Karácsonyak écca kárján/Eredj Éva a padlásra/Jancsika, Jancsika” from Iglice Szívem - Magyar népdalok gzermekeknek (Hungarian Songs for Children) (Hungaroton)Buy it!


Tobak Maria, Tobak Ferenc, & Susan Waterfall “Christmas Piping” from (self) ((self))Buy it!


Kathona Monika “Kedves álmot hogz szerezne szülöttjének...” from Nyitva láttam Mennyország kapuját (Allegro Thaler 2004) —from the Moldvai Csangó, a Hungarian-speaking minority living on the eastern slopes of the Carpathian mountains in RomaniaBuy it!


Nina Matvienko “A na Dobrïi Vechir” from Ukraïnski Narodni Pisni (Astra Records)Buy it!


Burdon “Kolyada” from Karpatia (Gal 2006) —this is a christmas song given a VERY non-traditional twistBuy it!


Bozhichi “Sho z Kieva ta i do Rusalima” from Ta i Rusalima (Lavina)Buy it!


Burdon “Mikolaï/Sam pan u zloti” from Vam Koladochka (Gal 2006)Buy it!


Orkiestra św. Mikołaja i Kapela Romana Kumłyka "Czeremosz" “koleda "W niedilu rano"” from Huculskie Muzyki ((self)) —this collaboration between a Polish-Lemko Ukrainian group and a Hutsul-Ukrainian folk group has some of the most hair-raising music recently released from that cnorer of Eastern Europe. This is a "Christmas" piece, after all...Buy it!


Folklórna skupina Sliačanka pod veden-eim Blaženy Mihulcovej a Aleny Balåžecovej “Pri jasličkách” from Putovanie Panny Márie (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/) —songs from the northern Mountains of Slovakia, around Liptovsky SliačeBuy it!


Ján Palovič “Hej, hole moje, hole” from Vianočné a pastierske piesne (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/) —played on a nearly 6 foot long flute, using mostly overtones. Central SlovakiaBuy it!


Ján Palovič (bagpipe), with Juraj Pečník folk band “Hop, hop, Ďurina” from Vianočné a pastierske piesne (Akcent www.akcentrecords.sk/) —this features the playing of the gajdy, bellows=blown bagpipe found in Slovakia and HungaryBuy it!


Franjo Dervar, Zoltan Szabo, & Antun Vizin “Sokačka božična pisna” from Gajde su Gajde (Etnofon) —Croatian musicBuy it!


Heisa & Dirk van Esbroeck, Jan Smed “Laat ons gaan om te bezoeken” from Sa Lieden, Wij Komen Wat Wensen (Eufoda) —2 versions of the same words, first by the group Heisa, then from van Esbroeck and Smed, from the Series Traditional Music from FlandersBuy it!


't Kliekske “Noyt en Wasser blijden nacht” from 't is met dees koude Winterse dagen (Alea 2000) —Flemish music from this group, known for both its exhaustive research, but also innovative musicality.Buy it!


't Kliekske “Driekonignenlied” from 't is met dees koude Winterse dagen (Alea 2000)Buy it!


't Kliekske “De koningen uit het ooster” from 't is met dees koude Winterse dagen (Alea 2000) —"the kings from the East" - this and the previous cuts are from FlandersBuy it!


Majorstuen “et lidet barn så løstelig” from juledrøm ((self) 2006) —this and the following are Christmastide songs from Norway, with updated arrangements.Buy it!


Majorstuen “Det Hev ei Rose Sprunge” from juledrøm ((self) 2006)Buy it!


Zespół Polski “Narodził się nam Zbawiciel” from Kolędy Polski (MTJ) —the lead singer and arranger for this group is Maria pomeniowska, who has several interesting discs out. including one showing the original influences on the piano music of ChopinBuy it!


Kapela Brodow “Nad Betlejem jasna gwiazda świeciła” from Christmas Carols and other Hymns ((self Published) www.drehleierbau-riedel.de)Buy it!


Zespół Polski “Jam jest dutka” from Koledy Polskie, znane i zapomnane (MTJ) —this and the last selection in this set are in "oberek" rhythm - a vigorous dance done in central PolandBuy it!


Kapela Brodow “Stała nm się nowina miła” from Christmas Carols and other Hymns ((self Published) www.drehleierbau-riedel.de)Buy it!


Zespół Polski “Hej w dzień Narodzenia” from Koledy Polskie, znane i zapomniane (Agencija Artystyczna MTJ) —another oberek-rhythm tuneBuy it!


Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span “Gaudete, gaudete” from a rare collection 1972-1996 (Raven)Buy it!


The Kipper Family “Awayday” from Arrest These Merry Gentlemen (C.M. Distribution) —don't listen to this one in the presence of young children...Buy it!

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