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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun May 8th 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun May 8th 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Reta Rus “mamă, de când-m-ai nascut” from Mama, de când-m-ai nascut (Sonex) —"mama, when I was born..." From Transylvania, around Alba IuliaBuy it!


Ion Nicodim “Mama copil și mei cîntec de pahar” from Flûtes de pan & cymbalum en roumanie (Mr. Pickwick (LP))Buy it!


Horațiu Frîncu (harmonica) “Hora de la Vlad Țepes” from muzică populară muntenească și oltenească (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —"the hora of Vlad the Impaler"! - this was the notorious south Romanian voievode that gave rise to the Dracula legendBuy it!


Ilieana Sărăroiu “Pe plaiul Tîrgoviște” from zori de ziua se revarsa (Electrecord (LP)) —"from around the area of Tirgoviste" (where Vlad the Impaler was buried) - a song in southern, NOT Transylvanian style.Buy it!


Ion Nicodim “Cîntec de Dragoste pentru Leana” from Flûtes de pan & cymbalum en roumanie (Mr. Pickwick (LP)) —this is a Roma Panpipe player who left Romania in the 1960s or so and recorded in France. The title is a "song of love and longing" (the way it has been translated"Buy it!


Gheorghe Radulesco “Les tziganes de Ferentari” from Flûtes de pan & cymbalum en roumanie (Mr. Pickwick (LP)) —another expatriate, this Roma cimbalom player even changed his name (as almost all expatriate Romainians did when moving to France - the "cu" ending was considered offensive)Buy it!


S. Bratescu “Hora Țîganilor” from Flûtes de pan & Cymbalum en Roumanie (Mr. Pickwick) —this is really good Romanian Gypsy fiddle playingBuy it!


Gheorghe Zamfir “Brîul Pe Sase” from Flûtes de pan & cymbalum en Roumanie (Mr. Pickwick) —this fast Romanian belt dance (men only!) is in 6 beat phrases, the meaning of the titleBuy it!


Ileana Sararoiu “Munte, munte, Frățioare” from zori de ziua se revarsa (Electrecord (LP)) —a very old style Ballad, idiomatically played and sungBuy it!


Ileana Sararoiu “Dorule Cîine turbat” from zori de ziua se revarsa (Electrecord (LP)) —"cîine turbat" means "rabid dog"... in Sirba rhythmBuy it!


Horațiu Frîncu “Hora Spoitorilor” from Muzică populară muntenească și oltenească (Electrecord (LP)) —the name means ¨the dance of the spoonmakers¨Buy it!


Nicolae Pîrvu “Coragheasca” from Panpipes of Roumania (Capitol (LP))Buy it!


Toni Iordache “Cîntec de Dragoste” from Toni Iordache, vol. I (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —the greatest cimbalom player who ever livedBuy it!


Taraful din Mavrodin “Hora lui Fișcădău” from Taraful din Mavrodin (Electrecord (LP)) —this was the local band of a small, dusty south Romanian townBuy it!


Gheorghe Zamfir “Hora Țiganeasca” from Les Flûtes Roumaines (Arion)Buy it!


Vasile Pandelescu “Sîrbă și Brează din Hulubești” from Vasile Pandelescu (Electrecord (LP)) —this is amazing playing. the second part shows the way Roma often learn tunes by scat singing - all the more amazing at this speedBuy it!


Marin Chisar “Horă, Doină, și Horă” from Marin Chisăr (Electrecord (LP)) —he is playing the 5-holed south Romanian cavalBuy it!


Ion Lăceanu “Sîrba” from Ion Lăceanu (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —this fluier player's son also records. Ion himself recorded this about 40 years agoBuy it!


Radu Simion “Geamparalele” from Radu Simion, vol. iv, "Omagiu lui Fanică Luca" (Electrecord www.electrecord.ro) —fast dance in 7/8Buy it!


Dorin Cuibariu, Pavel Cebzan, Francisc Navacovici, Nistor Mihailescu, Efta Botoca, and the Gheorghe Zamfir band “Suita Banateana” from Gheorghe Zamfir și Virtuosi Săi (Electrecord (LP)) —the first group of players listed are all Romanian Banat Roma saxephone and clarinet players. Pavel Cebzan live in Chicago now. I featured his work on this show about 10 years ago when he was applying for imigration as a special musicianBuy it!


Gheorghe Zamfir' band with D. A. Cuibariu and Pavel Cebzan “Zig-Zag” from Musicque Roumaine: L"Orchestre de Zamfir (Philips (LP)) —recorded before a live audience in Strassbourg, FranceBuy it!


Damian Luca and Nicu Stanescu orch. “De Cind ne-a aflat multimea/hora Dimbovitei/Sirba lui Budala” from L'éblouissante Flûte de Pan Roumaine (Pathé-Marconi (LP)) —another nai (pan pipe) player from the generation of Gheorghe Zamfir, Nicolae pirvu, Simion StanciuBuy it!


Stefan Bibescu with Nicu Stanescu orch. “Lelita Floare” from L'éblouissante Flûte de Pan Roumaine (Pathé-Marconi) —a very famous urban "Lautar" tune, done up beautifully, with variations, turning it into a a fast hora, etc.Buy it!


Benone Damian “Hangul” from Folklore aus Romänien (Metronome Stereo (LP))Buy it!


anon. Caval player “Doina-Ca Pe Lunca-Cîntec” from Folklore aus Rom (Metronome Stereo 1971)Buy it!


Benone Damian “Brîul pe Șase” from Folklore aus Romänien (Metronome Stereo (LP))Buy it!

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