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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Aug 22nd 2010

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Aug 22nd 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Zlatne Uste “Lacin Cocek”
from Do Zore ((self) 2010) N


Zlatne Uste “Niška Banja”
from Zo Zore (self 2010)


Brenna Maccrimmon & Sumru Agiryürüyen “Grabile, Ya Nane Mori”
from Ayde Mori (Kalan Ses www.kalan.com 2001) —this is in 11/8 divided 2*2*3*2*2


Orkestar Junaci “Zoričino Kolo”
from Orkestar Junaci (private 2005) —a Pittsburgh group playing a slow Serbian Kolo. the next is faster...


Orkestar Junaci “Grizovo Kolo”
from Orkestar Junaci (private 2005)


Christos Govetas “Iha mian agapi”
from Mia Kioupkiouloudha Songs From Proti Serron (Christos Govetas www.kyklosmusic.com 2009) N  —from Greek Macedonia


Pangeo “Zaharoula”
from Exit Visa (Kyklos Music 2008) —this tune is from Northern Greece, and it's a blast to dance to


Savvina Yannatou and Primavera en Salonico “Alta Es la Luna”
from Spring in Salonica (Lyra www.lyra.com 1995) —this is Sephardic Jewish music from Greece


Akrites Amolpias “Popova Kerka”
from Makedonikes mousikes rizes (Image ADV)


Marem Aliev “Gajda Preshevari”
from Macedonian Dances (VAW Verlag) —Albanian Rom dance


Aliev Brothers “Vallja e Gjilanit”
from (private tape - no label) (private) —This is the same sax player as in the previous cut, but with his brother, with whom he plays weddings in the south Serbia/northern Macedonia area - this is a tape from the band


ta Halkina tis Goumenissas “Sofka”
from (private - no title) (private) —this dance from northern Greece is in typical "running style"


Boys from Bouf “Armensko horo”
from (private - from band) (private) —this dance is also called cho cho by the Greeks around Florina/Lerin


Fanis Kourouklidis “Tik Argo”
from Songs and Dances of Pontos vol. 3 (Demeter Productions 2008) —this dance is from the Black Sea Coast of Turkey, from the Pontic Greek population


Michalis Kaliontzidis “Tanzara”
from Pontian Dances (The Center for Greek Traditional Dance) —the Tamzara is found all over Eastern Turkey and neighboring parts of Armenia, and is done by many ethnic groups


Edessa “Yetiere”
from Bereket: Nominated Best World Music Album 2009 Just Plain Folks (AgaRhythm www.edessamusic.com 2005) —this is another Pontic Greek dance in 9/8, with a similar tune to Tamzara, but it is a 3-measure dance whereas Tamzara is 4


Trio Bulgarka - Penev “Izgreyala Mesechinka”
from Trio Bulgarka-Penev - Folk Songs (Gega) —this is a song in Ruchenitsa rhythm


Pirinski Grivatsi “Ranila Moma”
from Pirinski Grivatsi -vol. 1 (VD www.vvd-r.com) —this is for the dance "ginka" and is in 7/8 divided 3+2+2


Ibro Lolov “Novoselska Ruchenitsa”
from Bulgarski Narodni hora (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com) —this is a VERY fast ruchenitsa


Kabile “Rachenitsa”
from Traditional Music from Thrace (self 2011) —this was the house band for the EEFC Balkan camps held this year at Iroquois Springs in southern New York State


Kabile with Donka Koleva “Pesen na Petko voivoda”
from Traditional Music from Thrace (Self Produced) —this is a song in Pravo horo rhythm

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