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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Oct 23rd 2011

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Oct 23rd 2011 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Peyo Peev “Pashovo horo” from Pletenitsa . Peyo Peev (Gega New 2008) —a pravo horo, given jazz treatment by this gâdulka playerBuy it!


Village ens. from Pirin “Neda Voda Nalivala” from (field recording) (Balkanton (LP))Buy it!


Theodosii Spassov Quartet “Neda Voda Nalivala” from Ajde Na Horo--20 Bulgarian Folk Dance Favorites (Gega 1992) —a "spiced up" version of the preceding tuneBuy it!


Theodosii Spassov “Straight Plovdiv Horo” from The Long Road II (Balkanton) —Theodosii Spassov and his quartet wll be at Grbic Bosnian restaurant October 29. Doors open at 7pmBuy it!


Vidin Folk Orchestra “Yureshkata” from Gaiety Along the Danube (Sunrise Marinov www.sunrisebg.com 2009) —This group hails from Vidin, in the extreme Northwest of Bulgaria; there is a significant Vlach population in the area, and that gives a "Romanian" quality to some of the dance tunes.Buy it!


Ivo Papazov, Yuri Yunakov, Neshko Neshev, Salif Ali “Kurdzhaliiska Ruchenitsa” from together again (Traditional Crossroads 2005) —this is the group most responsible for popularizing the whole "wedding music" styleBuy it!


ork. Kolorit “DAFINO LUBE” from Svatba Bofirov Music mp3 disc 2006 (Bofirov Music 2006)Buy it!


ork. Maritsa “Trûgnala Yana Yanchitse (rûchenitsa)” from Trakiysko Nastoenie (Bofirov Music 2002)Buy it!


ork. Slavei “DUSHKINA KOPANICA” from Svatba (Bofirov Music 2006) —"kopanitsa" refers to a rhythm in 11/8 divided 2+2+3+2+2Buy it!


ork. Slavei “CVETANKINA RATCHENICA” from Svatba (Bofirov Music 2006) —This Rûchenitsa has a lot more jazz elements in it than the preceding recording by the same group, something I have noticed with other groups, thaatis, they take more liberties with the rûchenitsa rhythm than they do with most of the others. It could beBuy it!


ork. Kolorit “TUDORO. TUDORKE” from Svatba (Bofirov Music 2006) —This song is in Daïchovo rhythm divided 2+2+2+3, but it is accented in an unusual way - if you listen to the singers and instrumentalists it is fairly typical, but the percussion is not at all what would have been played years ago.Buy it!


ork. Brestovica “KOPANICA” from Trakiysko Horo (Bofirov Music 2002)Buy it!


Fekata “Тракийска атака” from Нежнияа Цунами (Cristal records 2005) —this all Roma band tacked this "bonus track" on to a CD with a lot more modern-sounding pieces. At 6:39, it is obviously meant for dancing, although the incredible energy and speed it develops would tax even the best dancers.Buy it!


Vievska Folk Grupa “Чоко Чернооко Момиче” from Златна Колеция от Родопите - част 2 (Payner ww.payner.bg 2006) —this begins with a deceptively "traditional" Rhodope mountain bagpipe solo before the Electronic beat comes in. The song and singing style are also traditional, even though layers over the disco beat and "ambient" sound effects.Buy it!


Kanarite “Копаница - Болна Петрана Лежеше” from Български Ритми с Песен (Payner ww.payner.bg 2011N  —a song in gankino=kopanitsa rhythm. The speed they work up to in the second half would make most dancers drop out, but notice the bagpipe addition around 5:08 - nods to tradition like that are common with these bands.Buy it!


Orfeï “Plovdiska ruchenitza” from Stil i naslada 2 (Payner ww.payner.bg 2009)Buy it!


Fekata “Цунами Кючек” from Нежнияа Цунами (Cristal records 2005) —This Turkish-derived style ("Kyuchek" in Bulgarian, Chochek in former Yugoslavia), has almost taken over as the dance style of choice in many areas, along with local versions of Rock. This kyuchek is rather old-fashioned, as that style goes.Buy it!


Azis “Podludyavash me” from Diva (Sunny Music 2006) —Azis is the stage name for Vasil Troyanov Boyanov Katsuras (born 7 March, 1978), a Roma singer whose striking stage appearance and voice have made him one of the best known Chalga singers.Buy it!


The Bulgarian Voices Angelite “Devoiko” from From Bulgaria With Love (Mesa (licensed from HUKAPAN) 1992) —The band is Vladimir Ivanoff and TranceformationBuy it!

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