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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Jan 22nd 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Jan 22nd 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Lauma Garkalne “Gaismeņa ausa” from Best of Folk Music From Latvia (ARC 2008) —Sung here with Laiksne. A young man gets on his horse to bring his bride home - the fate of the woman is to go to a foreign place to live with her husbandBuy it!


Ceiruleits “Ganeidama izganēju” from Best of Folk Music From Latvia (ARC 2008)Buy it!


Vilki “Sadziedami Mēs Bāliņi” from Dzelzīm Dzimu (UPE www.upe.lv 2000) —The group's name means "wolves". they are a men's group dedicated to equestrian arts and men's war and hunting songs. this is their first CD, now out of print. this CD title means "born to iron".Buy it!


Vilki “Uz Tiem Laukiem” from Dzelzīm Dzimu (UPE www.upe.lv 2000) —this begins with a lovely solo on kokles, a Latvian table harp known Finland as Kantele.Buy it!


Maskačkas Spēlmaņi “Olenderu laiva nāca” from Zirnīšiem skaisti ziedi (MS 2001) —This group was founded in the late 1990s to preserve the old urban traditional music. As a result, their music lacks the "new agey" quality of the other bands here, but it make for great dance music.Buy it!


Maskačkas Spēlmaņi “Valsis” from Pāri jumtam (MS 2003) —note the musical saw doing the counter melody.Buy it!


Maskačkas Spēlmaņi “Ģežablis” from Pāri jumtam (MS 2003) —a polka melody that alternates between major and minorBuy it!


Iļģi “Aizalaida Sauleite” from Izlase (UPE www.upe.lv 2011N  —This group has been around from the beginning of the Latvian folk revival and has slowly moved from traditional to folk-rock and back. This is their latest CDBuy it!


DER “Uz kariņu es aizgāj” from SVIESTS IV (Lauska www.lauska.lv 2011N  —a group new to me that makes use of both kokles and bagpipesBuy it!


Lan Di “Suņi rēja” from SVIESTS IV (Lauska www.lauska.lv 2011N  —Dogs BarkedBuy it!


Taai Taai “Opsasā” from SVIESTS IV (Lauska www.lauska.lv 2011N  —This group celebrates the minority language groups that are part of the Finno-Ugric traditions - Livonian, Vote, Estonian, etc.Buy it!


Laiksne “Alutiņ, Bāleliņ” from Putra (Lauska www.lauska.lv 2010) —Beer, my brother, who knows your strength?Buy it!


Laiksne “Jauna Meita” from Putra (Lauska www.lauska.lv 2010)Buy it!


Auri “Kaķītei Bērns Normira” from Beyond The River (EMI 1998) —a winter songBuy it!


Keps & Muktupavels “Lobs Bej Puika Myusu Jezups” from Liku Bedu Zem Akmena (UPE www.upe.lv 2007) —"our Jezups is a good lad", but a bit short. He saddles his horse to see his sweetheart to chat about getting married. She listens and exclaims "look at that - the little toad wants to get married!"Buy it!


Keps & Muktupavels “Tumša Tumša Tā Eglīte” from Liku Bedu Zem Akmena (UPE www.upe.lv 2007)Buy it!


Laimas Muzykanti “Oi, Divini” from Orkla Bolss (UPE www.upe.lv 2006) —Oh, what sweet beer! (This is considered a complement - they aren't into light hoppy brews over there)Buy it!


Laimas Muzykanti “Selu Dancis” from Orkla Bolss (UPE www.upe.lv 2006) —this rollicking polka is interrupted about half way through by a bland mazurka, but then they go on...Buy it!


Lāns “Upenieka Meita Biju” from Lācenes Un Kazenes (Lauska www.lauska.lv 2007) —a girl's wreath is stolen by an undeserving young man. The title of the CD means "cloudberries and blackberries"Buy it!


Skandinieki “Tolka lela, tolka moza” from Dzied un Spēle (UPE www.upe.lv 2003) —a work songBuy it!


Skandinieki “Ai, zaļā līdaciņa” from Dzied un Spēle (UPE www.upe.lv 2003) —Green Pike, come play with me; you'll be swimming in the deep sea, I shall be sitting in my oaken boat.Buy it!


Skandinieki “Pēc leitīša es dziedāju” from Dzied un Spēle (UPE www.upe.lv 2003) —I'm after a Lithuanian guy - I'm singing for him and wearing my bead crown for him. He' coming to get me in a cart with 6 black horses.Buy it!


Biruta Ozoliņa “Apleik Kolnu Saule Tak” from Bolta Eimu (UPE www.upe.lv 1999) —Young folks wish to take an orphan girl, even if she is not of welathy kin. They wish to do it, as the Mother Sun shows the way to her house.Buy it!


Dziga “Dagdas Dancis” from Danco Dievis (UPE www.upe.lv 2000) —very traditional fiddling, combined with percussion lunacy...Buy it!


Laimas Muzykanti “Krakovjaks” from Danco Dievis (UPE www.upe.lv 2000) —a dance of Polish origin that swept Eastern Europe in a "Ballroom version" that then went out into the countryside, so that there are Finnish versions, ukrainian versions, etc.Buy it!


Various Artists “Vēžu Dancis” from Danco Dievis (UPE www.upe.lv 2000) —the Crayfish danceBuy it!


Ilgi & Co “Mugurdancis” from Latvisu Danci (UPE www.upe.lv 1999)Buy it!


Iļģi “Šķiraties(I), Zosu Pulki” from Izlase (UPE www.upe.lv 2011)Buy it!

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