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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Sep 19th 2010

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Sep 19th 2010 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Fejat Sedić brass ens. “Kacabačko Kolo” from Fejat Sejdić / Kola (RTB 1976)Buy it!


Dave Zupkovich Orchestra “Kokonješte kolo” from 45 rpm disc (Balkan) —This south Chicago Band was a favorite in the 1940-50sBuy it!


Banat Tamburitza Orchestra “Malo Kolo” from The Banat Tamburitza Orchestra (Festival Records) —This group was one of the first to form in the US from immigrant musicians. They were born in a Serbian village in what is now Romania, but came to the US and founded this group in 1912 in Elizabeth, New JerseyBuy it!


Banat Tamburitza Orchestra “Veliko Kolo” from The Banat Tamburitza Orchestra (Festival Records) —The name means "The Great Kolo" because it was done only by the better dancers. Like Elgar's "Enigma Variations", there is a basic structure, but no one ever actually danced it - only one's personal interpretation of it, all done in a shoulder hold.Buy it!


Johnny Krizančić's Marjon Tamburitzans “Moravac” from Kolo Party (Marjon International Music) —This was recorded in Hermitage,PA, in the 1960's. The band members included Lou Markulin, himself a famous tamburašiBuy it!


KUD Branko Radičević, Ruma “Madjarac” from Dances of Srem ((Dennis Boxell, prod)) —this is played on a tambura samicaBuy it!


KUD Branko Radičević, Ruma “Šantavi Madjarac” from Dances of Srem ((Dennis Boxell, prod)) —this is the full ens.Buy it!


Otrov “Šokačko Kolo” from Baština Hrvatskog Sela (private 2004)Buy it!


Otrov “Splet Slavonskih Kola” from Na Gaži ((private))Buy it!


Krunoslav Kico Slabinac “Hej, Bećari” (RTB) —from an LP. this is Slavonian style singing and playingBuy it!


Skitnice “Mađarac” from Sviraj svirče drmeša ((private) 2001)Buy it!


Vizin “Malo Kolo” from Panonska Zona (Sonex (cassette))Buy it!


Vizin “Po dvoje” from Panonska Zona (Sonex (cassette)) —this group hails from southern Hungary, from the Slavic population around the town of PécsBuy it!


Vujicsics Ensemble, with Marta Sebestyen “Jozo” from Podravina (R-e-DISC) —again, from the Slavic population of Southern HungaryBuy it!


Vujicsics “Alaj volim” from Samo Sviraj (R-e-DISC 1997) —another suite of songs from the Slavic population of HungaryBuy it!


Sondorgo “Oj stari starče...” from Oj, Stari (Teleferic) —these are the sonsBuy it!


Sondorgo “Banatsko Kolo” from Oj, Stari... (Teleferic) —this, again, is the tune for MađaracBuy it!


Sondorgo “Jova” from Oj, Javore (Teleferic) —this is very close to the Serbian stye of tambura music heard in Pittsburgh, Chicago and St. Louis 60/70 years agoBuy it!


Janika Balaž with Zvonko Bogdan “Somborski Bećarac/Jeftaničevo Kolo” from Zvuci Tamburice (LP) (RTS) —a Hungarian/Rom tambura player from the Vojvodina area of SerbiaBuy it!


George Skrbina Tamburitza orchestra “Hopshy Kolo” from Happy Tamburitza Melodies (London (LP)) —this is the same tune as Radikalko, and looks like a rather jumpy version of ŠetnjaBuy it!


George Skrbina Tamburitza orchestra “Omer Reše” from Happy Tamburitza Melodies (London (LP))Buy it!


Popovich Brothers “Ćep ćep” from Popovich Brothers of South Chicago ((private)) —this is the classic group of Chicago / they played together for 50 yearsBuy it!


Popovich Brothers “A Salaju” from Popovich Brothers of South Chicago ((private)) —they finish with a fast koloBuy it!


Steve Vesolich with the Duquesne University Tamburitzans “Osman Aga” from Kolo (Du-Tam (LP)) —songs about the times of the Ottoman Empire were common in the early repertoire - this is one of thoseBuy it!


Johnny Krizancic Marjon Tamburitza orchestra “Malo Kolo” from Kolo Party (Marjon International Music)Buy it!


Jedinstvo Tamburica Orchestra “Pod Padaj Lišče/Sitno Kolo” from Jedinstvo Tamburica ((self)) —this group is from ArizonaBuy it!

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