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Spinitron - KDHX: Music from the Hills Sun Sep 9th 2012

Music from the Hills (Music)

Sun Sep 9th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Maria del Mar Bonet “Sa des cavaller”
from Saba de Terrer (Ariola-Eurodisc (LP) 1981) —I played this on my first show 20 years ago, and I still like the sound of this singer's voice. She is singing in Catalán, and was born on Mallorca


Cristina Branco “Manto De Açucenas”
from Post-Scriptum (l'empreinte digitale 2000) —This was the CD that introduced me to the great Portuguese Fado tradition


Mighela Cesari “Quistioni (Questions)”
from Di Li Venti, A Rosula (Compass Rose), Mighela Cesari canta Mighele Raffaelli (Chorus/Auvidis 1997) —This Corsican singer showed me there was more to Corsican music than their polyphonic vocal tradition


Mighela Cesari “Dimmi (Dis-moi)”
from Di Li Venti, A Rosula (Compass Rose), Mighela Cesari canta Mighele Raffaelli (Chorus/Auvidis 1997) —Corsican polyphony was an exclusively male tradition until about 25 years ago when all female and mixed groups like this were formed


Actores Alidos “Cantu A Ballu”
from Canti delle Donne Sarde (Finis Terra 2008) —Sardinian music - traditional dance rhythm and structure, with a modern aesthetic


Llangres “CA La Zarramica”
from Stura (Fonoastur www.fonoastur.com 2002) —my introduction to the bagpipe bands of the Asturian Spanish folk revival - thanks, Carlos!


Varttina “Seelinnikoi”
from Seleniko (Green Linnet 1992) —this was my jaw-dropping introduction to the Finnish folk revival, and still this group's best CD before they tried soft rock and new age


Plektronite “Mazurkat 1282 & 1294”
from Plektroniitit Tuloo! (Skycap www.perinneaarkku.net/plektronite 2005) —my favorite of the new groups


Hedningarna “Vottikaalina”
from Kaksi! (Silence 1992) —"the Heathens" answer to Värttinä.. - thanks for this one, Bill and Diana


Bukkene Bruse “Rotnheims-knut”
from Bukkene Bruse (Grappa 1993) —a Norwegian tune given the special treatment by this all-star group


Mats Berglund, Göran Håkansson “Polska efter Jon Andersson (major)”
from 24 Polsdanser frå Finnskogen (Finnskogen Kulturverstad 2002) —from the forests of northern Sweden


Ale Moller, Lena Willemark, Per Gudmundson “Frifot - Sven Marit polskan - I Buder”
from Frifot (Caprice 1991) —I found this in a catalogue shortly after starting the show and was astounded. The group came to Focal point twice; the first time the show was sparsely attended, the second time the place was packed.


Rasa “Es cigana delins biju”
from Musiques des rites solaires (Inedit/Auvidis 1995) —Latvian music - from their folk revival, heavy on the old layer pagan songs that had survived in the rural areas. This group and a few others kept the Latvian national folklore alive during the Soviet period, paving the way for an incredible flowering af


Rasa “Engelitis”
from Musiques des rites solaires (Inedit/Auvidis 1995) —the featured instrument is the kokles - a sort of table harp found in various forms from Finland all around the Baltic countries and into Russia where it is used for house music


Danču mūzikas grupa “Ai Dū Maikadū”
from Dūdas Latvijā (UPE www.upe.lv 2000) —This has been re-issued on ARC, available in the west


Maskačkas Spēlmaņi “Olenderu laiva nāca”
from Zirnīšiem skaisti ziedi (MS 2001) —this group takes a more traditional approach to Latvian music


Iljgji “Kalnaa Kaapu Skatiities”
from Saules Meita (UPE www.upe.lv 1998) —the most versatile of the Latvian bands - they can play ritual, old style dance music, and folk rock


Sondorgo “Oj Stari Starce”
from Oj Stari (Periferic Records 2005) —Serbian tambura tradition from Hungary. Any Pittsburgh Serbian bar band would recognize this style


Sondorgo “Jeftanovicevo Kolo”
from Oj Stari (Periferic Records 2005) —this group is made up of the sons of some of the members of Vujicsics


Vujicsics/Marta Sebestyen “Jozo (Ft Márta Sebestyén, Júlia Radó & Antus Vizin)”
from Podravina - Croatian Dance Melodies (Periferic Records 2001) —this band set the bar the highest for this repertoire, produced more recordings, and attracted other stars such as, here, Marta Sebestyen


Merita Halili “Ku T'ka Ala Moj Kumrie”
from Unblocked - Music Of Eastern Europe [Disc 3] (Elipsis Arts 1997) —The liquid voice of the incomparable Albanian singer Merita Halili can be heard live every summer at the Balkan Camps run by the EEFC (www.eefc.org)


Eli Fara “Osman Taka”
from më thotë zemra ((private)) —Thanks to Cees Hillebrand for this, and for 90% of the Albanian music I have played on this show


Qirjako, Irini “C'u mbush mali plot me krushq”
from Sorke Moj (Elrodi) —Except for her work with the polyphonic group "Ensemble Tirana", I have no recordings of this south Albanian singer in traditional repertoire.


Kazim Koyuncu “Narino”
from Hayde CD Album (Metropol Müzik Üretim 2004) —this starts a set of Turkish and Laz music from the Black Sea Coast


Karmate “Çhela”
from Nayino (Kalan Müzik 2010)


Hülya Polat “Laz Kizi”
from Niye Utaniyisun (MSR Prodüksiyon 2002)

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