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Spinitron - KDHX: Latin Hemispheres Sun Sep 9th 2012

Latin Hemispheres (Music)

Providing a wide spectrum of contemporary tunes, beats, sounds and pulsations all with the Latin touch. From club dance to traditional rhythms, from tock to jazz, from chill to throb. Two hours of fun, grace, weird and the human spirit. ¡Asi nos gusta!

Sun Sep 9th 2012 1.00am–3.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Los Lobos “Anselma” from Los Lobos: Just Another Band from East L.A. (Rhino/Warner Bros. 1993) —Hound Dog Brown is filling in for The Mighty Carlos tonight. And, Senor Carlos picked out the music and lent me the CDs for this fine program, except where noted otherwise. Gracias, Carlos, for letting me fill in! ; - )Buy it!


Los Lobos “La Pistola y el Corazon” from Los Lobos: Just Another Band from East L.A. (Rhino/Warner Bros. 1993)Buy it!


Del Castillo “Dias De Los Angeles” from Brothers of the Castle (Smilin Castle Productions 2001)Buy it!


Los Fabulosos Cadillacs “Contrabando de Amor” from El Arte de la Elegancia de LFC (Nacional Records 2009)Buy it!


Los Fabulosos Cadillacs “Muerte Querida” from Rey Azúcar (Sony Discos/Sony Music Distribution 1995)Buy it!


No Semos Machos...PSM featuring Mood Fu “Amor Del Cielo” from Rudo Cursi (Nacional Records)Buy it!


Choc Quib Town “Oro” (Nacional Rcds. 2010)Buy it!


Manu Chao “Merry Blues” from Proxima Estacion: Esperanza (Virgin/Radio Bemba 2001)Buy it!


Sargento Garcia “Tonight in Bogata” from Cumbia Muffin - EP (La Gwagwita/Ecom Musica/Alianza Francesa 2009)Buy it!


Uproot Andy “Brooklyn Cumbia” from ZZK Sound, Vol. 2 (Nacional Records/ZZK Records Argentina 2009)Buy it!


Bostich & Fussible “Wanted” from Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & Fussible - Tijauna Sound Machine (Nacional Records 2010)Buy it!


Pituko “Boleeevia” from Montanas (San Pedro Music)Buy it!


Orchesta del Plata “Montserrat” from Bajofundo Tango Club (Surco Records)Buy it!


Gotian Project “Mi Confesion (feat. Koxmoz)” from Lunatico (Ya Basta)Buy it!


Ska Cubano “Yiri Yiri Bon (Remixed by DJ Panko)” from The Rough Side to Latin Lounge (World Music Network)Buy it!


Latin Soul Syndicate “Mi Dia Bonito (Mark Pistel Remix)” from Latin Travels 2 (Six Degrees 2007)Buy it!


Hip Hop Hoodios “Havana Nagila” from Carne Masada Quite Possibly the Very Best... (Jazzheads Inc. 2009) —The Hip Hop Hoodios are a Hispanic Jewish hip hop group from New York. The title of this song is an obvious play on the words "hava na gala". Carlos lent me this CD and invited me to pick out two cuts, and these are the two I picked!Buy it!


Hip Hop Hoodios “1492” from Carne Masada (Jazzheads Records 2009) —This cut features Frank London of the Klezmatics.Buy it!


Cosa Nostra “Bandojo” from Squeeze It Tight, Mexican hot-funky Grooves 1971-1972 (Vampisoul 2004)Buy it!


Grupo Picante “El rey” from At Your Request (Grupo Picante 2009) —Carlos invited me to pick two cuts from this CD, and so I did!Buy it!


Grupo Picante “Gritenme piedras del campo” from At Your Request (Grupo Picante 2009)Buy it!


Monte Carlo 76 “Mi Fantasia” from The Monte Carlo Fantasy (Nomadic Sound System 2005)Buy it!


Texas Tornados “Ando Muy Borracho” from Hangin' On By a Thread (Reprise Records 1992) —These two Texas Tornados cuts are from my very own CD. The Tornados do the best Tex Mex I've heard.Buy it!


Texas Tornados “Guacamole” from Hangin' On By a Thread (Reprise Records 1992) —The Tornados are/were an all-star band of Freddy Fender, Flaco Jiminez, Doug Sahm, and Augie Meyers. Thanks again to Carlos for providing the CDs and playlist. It was some fun! ; - )Buy it!

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