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Spinitron - KDHX: Earthworms Mon Apr 22nd 2013

Earthworms (Talk)

Mon Apr 22nd 2013 7.00pm–8.00pm

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Time zone: central


Gloria Attoun “SEEDS” from Seeds (Out Attounl www.openspacecouncil.org 2007L —Seeding some positive thoughts on this Earth Day 2013 special edition of Earthworms - Happy Earth Day to you!Buy it!


Jean Ponzi - Earthworms Host reading “the essay "Environment" from” from Ecology: A Pocket Guide by Ernest Callenbach (University of California Press www.uspress.edu 1998) —So what is the "environment?" How can we, who move through it so often oblivious of its gifts, come to SEE and APPRECIATE the natural environment that sustains us, even as we take repeated whacks at it . . .Buy it!


Harry Nilsson “Think About Your Troubles” from The Point (RCA Victor 1971) —This bit of musical whimsey celebrates the goes-around-comes-around ALL THINGS ARE CONNECTED nature of - NATURE!Buy it!


Jean Ponzi - Earthworms Host reading . . . “the Photosynthesis essay from” from Ecology: A Pocket Guide by Ernest Callenbach (University of California Press www.uspress.edu 1998) —All of us, all of our LIVES depend on PLANTS - Gimme a P-L-A-N-T-S! GO GREEN PLANTS!Buy it!


Stevie Wonder “The Secret Life of Plants” from Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants (Tamala A product of Motown 1979) —Major ecological legislation and growth took place during the 1970s - and at the end of this decade, Steveland Morris celebrated Plant Life so beautifullyBuy it!


Jean Ponzi - Earthworms Host reads from “Courage for the Earth: Essays Celebrating the Life of Rachel Carson” from Essay by poet Terry Tempest Williams: The Moral Courage of Rachel Carson (Mariner Press 2007) —Each of us has the capacity to be a Warrior for the Earth, even as we are Lovers of Earth. May this reflection on Rachel Carson and her writing in "Silent Spring" inspire you to speak up, act up and do YOUR part, integrated into regular life.Buy it!


Gloria Attoun “Be My, Be My” from Seeds (Out Attounl www.openspacecouncil.org 2007L —Closing with our dear friend Gloria's anthem to helping one another along - to helping the Earth that shelters us, in our everyday actions, and when life - and Nature - issues a Big Call. Happy Earth Day to you, dear listener. JeanBuy it!

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