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Spinitron - KDHX: Earthworms Mon Nov 11th 2013

Earthworms (Talk)

Mon Nov 11th 2013 7.00pm–8.00pm

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Time zone: central


Augusta Bottoms Consort “Chaia” from Bottomland (Augusta Bottoms Consort www.augustabottomsconsort.com 2000L —A tiny gem of musical introduction to tonight's set of filmmaker interviews, spotlighting environmental features of the 22nd Whitaker St. Louis International Film FestivalBuy it!


Caitlin Zera - Filmmaker, Webster U Filmmaking Senior “"End of Line" 8 minute documentary about typewriter appreciation and repair!” from mechanics Vern and Charlie took over the Jones Typewriter Co. years ago - their longtime shop still sells and repairs typewriters - plus a unique TYPE of collection! (www.linkedin.com/pub/caitlin-zera shown Sat 11-16 4 p.m. Winifred Moore Auditorium at Webster U 2013N L —Follow Caitlin's work to see her Senior project, tracking the fracking pipeline marching across Missouri . . .Buy it!


Augusta Bottoms Consort “A Printer's Waltz” SINGLE (www.augustabottomsconsort.com 2000L —THANKS to tonight's filmmakers for telling stories with environmental themes - especially to Ms. Zera for launching her career on such themes!Buy it!


Susan Beraza - Filmmaker “Uranium Drive-In - shown Sunday Nov 17 6:30 pm Tivoli Theater” from Ms. Beraza's earlier film, Bag-It, has become a classic of enviro-film public education - that is a "plastics 101" (www.uraniumdrive-in.com 2013N  —Boom-Bust economics, survival vs. sustainability, energy demands, and Colorado mining culture - themes in this film about small towns lured by promised riches from uranium mining/milling . . . that didn't pan out.Buy it!


Anthony Powell - Filmmaker “Antarctica: A Year On Ice - shown Sat Nov 16 1 pm Plaza Frontenac” from An insider's view of one of Earth's most intense places - where "summer" populations of 7,000 shrink to year-round 700 souls living on an entire continent. (www.frozensouth.com 2013N  —Eerie beauties, hardy (!!) living - filmed over 15 years of Powell's work as Discovery Channel's "Frozen Planet" photographer. Chillin'!Buy it!

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