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Spinitron - KDHX: The Back Country Sat Nov 30th 2013

The Back Country (Music)

Sat Nov 30th 2013 3.00pm–5.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


The Texas Troubadors “Buddy's Boogie (intro)”
from Almost To Tulsa (Bear Family 2008)


Patty Loveless “Busted”
from Mountain Soul II (Saguaro 2008) R  —A fine version of the Harlan Howard classic.


The Carper Family “Would You Like to Get Some Goats?”
from Back When (self 2012) R  —A song I played last week elicited a phone call from a listener who said he's never heard a song about goats. I told him I had a goat song for him. The Carper Family is singing those sweet harmonies on a tour through Germany at the moment.


Deke Dickerson and The Ecco-Fonics “Rockin' Gypsy”
from My Name is Deke (Hightone 2003) R  —A great cover of the Joe Maphis classic.


The Tennessee Rounders “Hardcore Trucker”
from Here We Go (The Rounders Music 2005) —A couple of albums and then the band split up in 2007.


Ruthie and the Wranglers “Repo Man”
from Americana Express (Azalea City recordings 2009) —Based in the Washington, DC area, the band is still together and have released an album since this one, "Live at Goose Creek".


Ted Roddy and the Tearjoint Troubadors “All Night Texas Turnaround”
from Tear Time (The Music Room 2000) —Out of Austin, TX, Ted currently plays honky tonk with the Hit Kickers and R & B with The Backwoods Hipsters.


The Doo-Wah Riders “Smokes and a Six Pack”
from Live! (self 1998) —These guys are from southern California and have been together for 30 years. Their latest release came in 2011 with "Obstacles".


Smith's Ranch Boys “All or Nothing Man”
from More Barnyard Favorites (Ecco-Fonics 1998) —T.K. Smith is a former guitarist with Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys. This was the second of two recordings made for Deke Dickerson's Ecco-Fonics label.


Liz Talley “Texas in My Swing”
from Road to You (Armadillo Records 2006) —Liz hails from Houston, TX and this is from her debut album, one co-written with Leona Williams.


Dave Stuckey and the Rhythm Gang “Pick-a-Rib”
from Get a Load of This (HMG 2000) —Dave is a Kansas City native, who now lives in southern CA. He has been part of Dave and Deke Combo and The Lucky Stars. Players here include the Hot Club trio, Jeremy Wakefield & Dave Biller. A Goodman-Hampton song.


Eleven Hundred Springs “Rocket 88”
from Country Jam (Palo Duro Records 2008) —Another Texas outfit, these guys have put out close to a dozen albums, the latest being 2011's "Eight the Hard Way". A fine version of the song some say launched rock 'n' roll.


Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Heart Attack “5 after 5”
from Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Heart Attack (Bloodshot www.bloodshotrecords.com 2007) —Rauhouse has played with Kelly Hogan and Neko Case, and has put out four albums of his own.


The Lustre Kings “Maybe Little Baby”
from That's Show Biz (Wild Boar Records 2004) —This rockabilly outfit is based out of Albany, NY has 4 albums out. I saw them open some years back for Wanda Jackson at Off Broadway. This one is written by George Jones.


Jim Livermore “Who Were You Thinking Of?”
from Coming Home (self 2007) —Written by Jim Glaser and recorded by the Texas Tornados among others. Jim lives in Portland, OR and as best I can tell this is his only album thus far.


Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys “The Tear I Left Behind”
from Empty House (Bloodshot www.bloodshotrecords.com 2004) —Rex is from Kansas City and has released four albums, this being his most recent.


Mike Ireland and Holler “Cold, Cold Comfort”
from Learning How to Live (Sub-Pop 1998) —Mike is from KC and attended UM-Columbia. He was part of the alt-country band, The Starkweathers, before forming Holler. They have released one more album, "Try Again".


Hal Ketchum “Yesterday's Gone”
from Father Time (Curb 2008) —Hal is a fine songwriter who moved from New York to Austin and now resides in Nashville. He's released 10 studio albums and this is his latest. He was diagnosed in 1998 with a neurological disorder like MS and he had to learn to replay the guitar.


Skip Gorman “Night Herding Song”
from Greener Prairie (Rounder www.rounder.com 1994) —Skip lives on a ten-acre ranch in New Hampshire and summers he works as a cowboy and song leader at a ranch in Wyoming. He's a former schoolteacher (Spanish), with several acclaimed albums of songs of the West.


Big Bill Lister “Countryfied”
from There's a Tear in My Beer (Bear Family 1999) —Big Bill (6'7") opened for Hank Williams for a few years. This is one that Hank wrote and all the Drifting Cowboys play on it. From the Capitol label in 1951.


Ray Condo and His Ricochets “Shout Sister Shout”
from Door to Door Maniac (Joaquin Records 1997) —A Canadian by birth, Ray released albums first with The Hardrock Goners, named for Hardrock Gunter, and later The Ricochets. Ray died of a heart attack in 2004.


Billy Don Burns “Keith Whitley Blue”
from Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls (Rusty Knuckles 2004) —His mother's teacher was Jimmy Driftwood and Billy Don may have absorbed some of that songwriting talent by osmosis. He's recorded with Paycheck and Hank Cochran and his face is a map of the weathered survivor.


Kate James and Lost Country “Treat You Right”
from HomeWrecker, HeartBreaker (Hayden's Ferry 2004) —The band and the label have since ceased to exist. Our own Rockhouse Ramblers recorded for Hayden's Ferry.


Jim Stringer and the AM Band “Come a Little Bit Closer”
from Triskaidekaphilia (The Music Room 2008) —Jim is another Kansas City native who now resides in Texas--the "AM" stands for Austin Music. The version by Jay and the Americans in the '60s was so big the group was added to the Beatles tour.


Tom Armstrong “No Big Thing to Me”
from Songs That Make the Jukebox Play (Carswell Records 2002) —Tom is now based in San Francisco but was born and raised in Springfield, MO. He's been on hiatus raising a family but released "Wine Stained Heart" in 2011.


Tommy Alverson “Country to the Bone” CD Album (Palo Duro Records 2007) —Tommy lives in the Ft. Worth, TX area and his latest is 2012's "Pickin' on Willie". He played guitar with James Hand when he was in college and Tommy produced James' first album.


The Del Rio Ramblers “Railroad Daddy”
from Go Away Hound Dog (Raucous Records 2010) —A rare hillbilly/bop/Western swing group out of the United Kingdom. This was their debut effort, released just a year after forming.


Dave Alexander and his Big Texas Swing Band “Western Boogie” (D.A.P. 2004) —Dave is a former Texas Playboy who has recorded half a dozen albums of primarily Western swing material. He and his golden palomino also appear at numerous rodeos each year.


High Noon “Call Of The Honky-Tonk”
from Stranger Things (Watermelon 1996) —High Noon was a mid-'90s Austin band with Shaun Young, Kevin Smith and Sean Mencher. They were voted best rockabilly band in Austin for seven years running. Sean Mencher has also produced The Starline Rhythm Boys and is a native of Washington, DC.


The Hacienda Brothers “When You're Tired of Breaking Hearts”
from Arizona Motel (Hacienda Brothers 2008) —Released shortly after the death of co-founder and former Guilty Man, Chris Gaffney, who sings lead vocal on this one.


Nate Gibson and the Gashouse Gang “Wal-Mart Wino”
from All The Way Home (Cow Island Music 2007) —Nate was born in St. Louis and lived here until age 7. He has also written a book on the history of Starday Records and received a master's degree in ethnomusicology from Indiana University. He now lives in Helsinki, Finland.


Moot Davis “Halls of Smoke and Wine”
from Moot Davis (Little Dog 2003) —New Jersey-born Moot Davis released two albums produced by Dwight Yoakum's guitarist, Pete Anderson, then went on a musical hiatus. He enlisted most of Marty Stuart's Fabulous Superlatives for his third album, "Man About Town" and a 4th is in the works.

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