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Spinitron - KDHX: Sound Salvation Fri Dec 6th 2013

Sound Salvation (Music)

Fri Dec 6th 2013 7.00am–10.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Ritchie Valens “Come On, Let's Go”
from Rock This Town: Rockabilly Hits (Rhino 1991) —The other major musical talent who passed away when that plane went down to take Buddy Holly.


The Nashville Teens “I Know How It Feels To Be Loved”
from Tobacco Road Single (One Way 1964) —A sweet little rock'n'roller ballad.


The Dixie Cups “Iko Iko”
from The Best Of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 2 (Rhino 1988) —My grandma and your grandma were sitting by the fire.


Bob Kuban and the In-Men “Watch Out”
from Look Out For the Cheater (Collectables 1966) —Walter Scott met a terrible fate in the end, but he made some pretty cool records.


Marvin Gaye “I'll Be Doggone”
from Moods of Marvin Gaye CD Album (Tamla 1966) —Fun fact: I first heard this song sung by Tony Fafoglia when he was in Be-Vision playing at the Club Op-P.


Howard Tate “Show Me the Man”
from Rediscovered (Private Music 2003) —A great soul singer came back to make a great record ten years ago.


Boz Scaggs “Gone Baby Gone”
from Memphis (429 Records 2013) —Almost good enough to be from a classic Al Green record.


Dion “Your Own Backyard”
from King of the New York Streets (THE RIGHT STUFF 2000) —Dion emerged on the other side of his dark years with this sobering tale.


Michael Nesmith “Harmony Constant”
from Older Stuff (The Best of the Early Years) (Rhino 1991) —I should have gone to see him when he was in town a few weeks back - so many great songs.


Peter Case “I Hear Your Voice”
from Who's Gonna Go Your Crooked Mile? (Vanguard www.vanguardrecords.com 2004) —This guy is so consistently good that I sometimes forget he's out there.


John Hartford “Big Blue Balloon”
from Natural to be Gone: 1967-1970 (Raven 2002) —One often forgets about John Hartford's commercial country days, but some of these songs are pretty darn good.


Alison Krauss “Good Love After Bad”
from Unsung Hero: A Tribute to the Music of Ron Davies (Little Chicadee 2013) N  —I continue to be mystified by this Ron Davies guy. The song I played last week was, I'm told, done by David Bowie. But this is clearly a country tribute. And I can't find another version of this song.


Madeleine Peyroux “Changing All Those Changes”
from The Blue Room (Decca 2012) —Nifty take on the Buddy Holly song.


Bettye LaVette “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”
from Thankful n' Thoughtful (Anti-Records 2012) —Nifty take on the Neil Young song.


Gregory Porter “Movin'”
from Liquid Spirit (Blue Note 2013) N  —One of the most exciting and talented vocalists to come along in ages.


Miles Davis Quintet “If I Were a Bell”
from Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965 (Columbia 1995) —Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams. Yes, please.


Richie Ray “Azucare Y Bongo”
from Mas Mambo Mania: More Kings and Queens of Mambo (Rhino 2001) —I'm just a sucker for that Cuban beat.


Daft Punk “Fragments of Time”
from Random Access Memories (Columbia 2013) N  —This song sneaks up on you - slow, funky groove that eventually completely envelops your body.


Claudette King “Rock My Soul”
from We're Onto Something (Blues Express 2010) —BB's daughter has soul.


Talking Heads “Burning Down the House”
from Speaking In Tongues (sire 1983) —Hard to believe it's been 30 years since I played this album every day at my first record store job.


Magazine “The Honeymoon Killers”
from Magic, Murder and the Weather (Virgin 1981) —I loved Magazine, yet this album was disappointing in comparison to their previous ones. But it was kinda cool to remind myself that it's still pretty entertaining.


John Cale “December Rains”
from Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood (Domino 2012) —I love when John Cale makes dance music. Heck, there's even autotune here.


Liam Finn “Gather To the Chapel”
from Live (In Spaceland Feb 22, 2008) (Spaceland Recordings 2008) —I remember the amazing experience of seeing this guy live - he just kept setting up loops and then adding more over them, all in the service of classically structured pop songs.


Argent “Tragedy”
from The Argent Anthology-Greatest Hits (Epic 1976) —I've always liked the post-Zombies crazed hard rock of Rod Argent's early 70s days.


Rod Stewart “Jodie”
from Reason to Believe: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings (Mercury 2002) —Released as a Rod Stewart single, I'm pretty dang sure this is the Faces.


Patsy Cline “Heartaches”
from The Patsy Cline Collection (MCA 1991) —I love short songs when you need them - and this is a darn good record.


The Damned “Neat Neat Neat”
from Damned Damned Damned (Stiff 1977) —Still kicks hard and fresh after 36 years!


The Hives “Die, All Right!”
from Veni Vidi Vicious (Epitaph 2000) —Still my fave punkish band of the last fifteen years - nay, the last 25 years.


Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians “Unsettled”
from Gotta Let This Hen Out (Rhino 1985) —A rare song on which Hitchcock really takes off with an extended guitar solo - the man has chops!


Rufus Wainwright “Leaving For Paris No. 2”
from Release the Stars (Geffen 2007) —Beautiful song of bittersweet farewell.


Linda Thompson “Paddy's Lamentation”
from Won't Be Long Now (Pettifer Sounds www.lindathompsonmusic.com 2013) N  —Nothing like the combination of Linda Thompson and her son Teddy.


Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet “The Letter Home”
from The Juliet Letters (Rhino 1993) —A lot of people overlook this record, but I think it's thrilling.


Calexico “The Vanishing Mind”
from Algiers (Anti- 2012) —Beautiful use of a string section on this song, in conjunction with those horns and a steel guitar.


The Stepkids “Insecure Troubadour”
from Troubadour (Stones Throw 2013) N  —Rigorous musical technique and emotionally rich - yes, please.


Caitlin Rose “Old Numbers”
from The Stand-In (ATO www.atorecords.com 2013) N  —A little trad jazz, a little country, a little swirling organ - sounds good to me.


Susan Werner “While You Wait For the Rain”
from Hayseed (Sleeve Dog 2013) N  —I figured if this woman could a write a song Tom Jones could cover, I should check out one of her records. And it's really good rootsy folk/country stuff.


Amy LaVere “Cupid's Arrow”
from Anchors and Anvils (Archer 2007) —I wish I could remember the bands she's singing in these days - I'd like to be more current with Ms. LaVere.


Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys “Three Years Blind”
from What A Dream It's Been (Cow Island Music 2013) N  —I've gotten used to the stripped down acoustic rocking version of this song.


Sturgill Simpson “Railroad of Sin”
from High Top Mountain (High Top Mountain 2013) N  —Rockin' country!


Randy Travis “Better Class of Losers”
from The Very Best of Randy Travis (Rhino 2004) —One of the great singers of the past 30 years.


Johnny Cash “God's Gonna Cut You Down”
from American V: A Hundred Highways (American 2006) —Stentorian, I tell you!

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