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Spinitron - KDHX: Sound Salvation Fri Mar 11th 2011

Sound Salvation (Music)

Fri Mar 11th 2011 7.00am–10.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


The Beatles “The Fool on the Hill”
from Magical Mystery Tour (CAPITOL 1967) —Ah, the baroque in rock'n'roll. Or the avant-garde. Or something akin to both.


The Left Banke “She May Call You Up Tonight”
from There's Gonna Be a Storm - The Complete Recordings 1966-1969 (Mercury 1992) —My friend Geoff Kessell moved to New York a year or more ago, and last week, he got to see the Left Banke play this live. Jealous much? Yep.


Small Faces “Afterglow (Of Your Love)”
from Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (Immediate 1968) —As great a song as there was in a year of great songs.


Simon & Garfunkel “Cecilia”
from Bridge Over Troubled Water (Columbia 1970) —One of the great rhythm tracks in Paul Simon's career - and a perfect song, too.


Brian Andrew Marek's Hissy Tape “Firecracker”
from Magnetic Sound Recording Tape (BAM 2011) L —Brian Marek writes songs which hang together so well, and the arrangements are so intricately tied into the song itself. This demo EP is a delight.


Edwyn Collins “In Your Eyes”
from Losing Sleep (Heavenly 2010) N  —Another beautiful song from this underrated major talent.


City Squirrel “Breathless”
from Blow Music Only With Delicate Mad Worship (Red Pill 2011) N  —Just try to resist this quietly majestic number. It knocks me out every time I hear it.


Joni Mitchell “In France They Kiss on Main Street”
from The Hissing of Summer Lawns (Asylum 1975) —I believe it was Jen Eide who reminded me of this great record the othe day on Facebook.


Tanita Tikaram “Twist In My Sobriety”
from Ancient Heart (Reprise 1988) —I don't remember who reminded me of this one on Facebook, but I was glad to remember - she made some very good records which didn't sell, back in the day when record companies let them keep trying for a while.


Teddy Thompson “The One I Can't Have”
from Bella (Verve Forecast 2011) N  —I think he studied his dad's penchant for ironic and self-deprecating comments before writing this one.


David Lowery “I Sold the Arabs the Moon”
from The Palace Guards (429 www.429records.com 2011) N  —Every song I've heard on this record has been really, really good - Lowery pushes himself to new levels of achievement here.


Andy Friedman “It's Time For Church”
from Laserbeams and Dreams (City Salvage 2011) N  —I knew next to nothing about this guy when I put the disc in, and this first song left my jaw on the floor - I could say it's about leaving organized religion for art and loneliness, but a description barely hints at the complexity & beauty of this song.


Townes Van Zandt “High, Low and In Between”
from High, Low, and In Between (Tomato 1972) —One of them there Townes Van Zandt classics that remind us why every singer/songwriter in Texas & beyond since he started has to nod in his direction.


Hayes Carll “The Letter”
from KMAG YOYO (Lost Highway www.losthighwayrecords.com 2011) N  —Like for example, this guy - if this song doesn't reek of TVZ influence, I don't know what does.


Lucinda Williams “Sweet Love”
from Blessed Single (Lost Highway www.losthighwayrecords.com 2011) N  —Lucinda hasn't written many songs expressing pure pleasure in love, but here's proof that she can do it pretty darn well.


Rumn Drum Ramblers “Gonna Haunt You”
from Mean Scene (Lightnin' Thunders 2011) N L —Holy moley! I love this record. St. Louisians who understand that the forms of 30s music don't mean anything without the spirit of the new teens.


Pete Anderson “Stop Me”
from Even Things Up (Little Dog Records 2011) N  —My review of this record: http://blues.about.com/od/cddvdreviews/fr/Pete-Anderson-Even-Things-Up-2011.htm


The Band “King Harvest (Has Surely Come)”
from The Band (Capitol Records 1969) —"I'm glad to pay those union dues / Just don't judge me by my shoes."


The Skeletons “On Your Way Down the Drain”
from Nothing To Lose (Hightone 1997) —Yeah, Bobby Lloyd Hicks can rock a cowbell!


The Runaways “I Love Playin' With Fire”
from Queens of Noise (Cherry Red Records 1977) —I love playin' with fire - and a cowbell!


AC/DC “Shoot To Thrill”
from Back In Black (ATCO 1980) —It's amazing how many incredible records these guys can make with just a slight stirring of the same ingredients.


The Velvet Underground “I Heard Her Call My Name”
from White Light / White Heat (Polygram 1996) —The second Velvets album is not one that I pull out very often, but listening to it last night, I once again fell in love with its everything in the kitchen sink noisy, messy approach. It's not easy to do this, kids.


Green On Red “Gravity Talks” (Wounded Bird 1983) —They did have a bit of Velvets spirit in them, I think - another idea I nicked from Facebook friends, and I feel bad I can't remember who put it in my head.


Chris Cacavas “Tell Me Everything”
from Love's Been Discontinued (Blue Rose 2009) —That guy playing the killer organ on the Green on Red song has been releasing solo records of merit, but I never heard anything until Bill Glahn mentioned them on Facebook the other day.


Chuck Prophet “Let's Do Something Wrong”
from Soap and Water (Yep Roc 2007) —Well, he wasn't in Green on Red on their first album, but he was later, so what the heck? I haven't heard this gem in a while.


The Nevermores “I Lost Lenore”
from Nevereverafter (Trouble In River City tirc.com 2009) L —St. Louis garage act will open for the Fleshtones tomorrow at Off Broadway.


The Fleshtones “Going Back to School”
from Take A Good Look (Yep Roc Records 2008) —I believe I heard a Dictators homage with a line about getting an edumacasion.


Southern Culture on The Skids “It's The Music That Makes Me”
from Kudzu Ranch (Kudzu www.scots.com 2010) N  —These guys can lay down a groove like nobody else.


Charles Mingus “Better Git It In Your Soul”
from Mingus Ah Um (Columbia 1959) —The first jazz record I ever heard, the first song on the first side, which means I fell in love pretty much right away.


Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland & Robert Cray “T-Bone Shuffle”
from Showdown! (Alligator Records 1985) —There have been a lot of versions of "T-Bone Shuffle" over the last 60 years - this is my fave not done by T-Bone Walker.


The Jackson 5 “The Love You Save”
from ABC (Motown 1973) —Oh, I'm back in 8th grade staying in at recess watching the girls choreograph dances to the J5. I just thought they were so cool.


Stevie Wonder “If It's Magic”
from Songs In The Key Of Life CD Album (Universal/Motown 1976) —Another Facebook-inspired song - I don't remember who posted it, but I do remember Steve Carosello calling it a highpoint in a career of highpoints.


Johnny Nash “Hold Me Tight”
from The Reggae Collection (Epic 1993) —This one I snatched from Peter Holsapple's post on Facebook - so many great ideas pass me by every day. How did I program this show before FB?


The Isley Brothers “Lay Lady Lay”
from How Many Roads: Black America Sings Bob Dylan (Ace 2010) N  —Ronnie Isley sounds considerably more seductive than Bob Dylan ever did.


Elton John “Salvation”
from Honky Chateau (Uni Records 1972) —While I knew all the singles back in the day, I'm only just now discovering some pretty spectacular Elton John album cuts - like this uplifting gem.


Fairground Attraction “Perfect”
from The First of a Million Kisses (RCA 1988) —I was reminded of this one by former KDHX dj Rene Saller, but she did it the old-fashioned way - in an e-mail.


Marianne Faithfull “Something Better”
from Marriane Faithfull's Greatest Hits (ABKCO 1987) —A song written by Gerry Goffin & Barry Mann without their wives.


Over the Rhine “Rave On”
from The Long Surrender (GSD 2011) N  —Another rich gem from this Joe Henry production.


Martin Belmont “Island of Dreams”
from The Guest List (Gold Top 2010) N  —So recently, I was on a Facebook thread and up popped Martin Belmont, former Rumour guitarist. I asked what he's been up to, & he told me about this album of duets - this one features Geraint Watkins.


Jimmie Rodgers “Blue Yodel No. 3”
from Recordings 1927-1933 (JSP 2002) —She's long, she's tall, she's six feet from the ground, she's tailor made, she ain't no hand-me-down. That's writing!


Huey Piano Smith & the Clowns “Rockin' Pneumonia & the Boogie Woogie Flu”
from The Best of Huey Piano Smith & His Clowns (fuel 2009) —I believe I will always love this record unconditionally.


Bruce Springsteen “What Love Can Do”
from Working On a Dream (Columbia 2009) —You know there are some good songs on this record, if only it wasn't mastered in such a way that my ears hurt after three or four consecutive songs.

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