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Spinitron - KDHX: Sound Salvation Fri Aug 26th 2011

Sound Salvation (Music)

Fri Aug 26th 2011 7.00am–10.00am

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Time zone: central


John Lennon “Stand By Me”
from Lennon (CAPITOL 1990) —We're paying tribute to the late great Jerry Lieber today, with a whole show of songs he co-wrote. This is one of my all-time fave John Lennon vocals.


The Band “Young Blood”
from High On the Hog (Pyramid Media 2006) —The final album to be released by a group called the Band (even though by this time there were only 3 left) is redeemed by this terrific Levon Helm vocal of the Coasters classic.


The Coasters “That Is Rock and Roll”
from The Ultimate Coasters (Warner 1986) —Jerry Lieber explains the joys of rock'n'roll, sung through the voices of his greatest interpreters.


Delbert McClinton “One Kiss Led to Another”
from Let The Good Times Roll Single (unk unk 1995) —I love the line "So I brought some soda pop and sandwich meat."


Etta James “Tears of Joy”
from R&B Dynamite (Flair 1987) —A very early number for both Lieber & Stoller and Etta herself. It's a beautiful and sweet little number.


Joe Turner “The Chicken and the Hawk”
from Joe Turner / Rockin the Blues (Collectables 2000) —They perfectly hit the style of this master!


Esther Phillips “Some Cats Know”
from Set Me Free (Collectables 2001) —I don't know what Jerry was thinking when he wrote this, but Esther certainly understands how to make it even steamier. Holy cow!


Big Mama Thornton “Hound Dog”
from Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings (MCA 1992) —The song that turned them from moderately successful r'n'b writers to pop superstars - in the better original version, of course.


Elvis Presley “Girls! Girls! Girls!” (RCA 1962) —"I never ever get to finish my lunch because there's always a bunch of girls." Lieber had this thing about food and sex, huh?


Buddy Holly “(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care”
from Memorial Collection (Geffen 2009) —This song is just pitch perfect - and Buddy totally owns it.


Jeff Beck Group “Jailhouse Rock”
from Beck-Ola (Epic 1969) —You just know Rod Stewart was thrilled to be aping the king while Beck heavied everything up.


The Shangri-La's “Past Present and Future”
from 20th Century Masters - the Millenium Collection (MCA 2002) —One of the strangest records ever to hit the AM radio - Lieber co-wrote with Shadow Morton and Artie Butler. "Don't try to touch me because that will never happen again."


Bette Midler “Is That All There Is?”
from Bette Midler Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook (Columbia 2005) —I couldn't find the Peggy Lee original, but this is a great version - inspired by Thomas Mann, I learned yesterday.


Johnny Cash “The Reverend Mr. Black”
from The Baron (Columbia 1981) —One of a handful of songs Lieber and Stoller co-wrote with Billie Edd Wheeler.


The Robins “Riot In Cell Block No. 9”
from There's a Riot Goin' On (Rhino 1991) —The other great jailhouse rockin' song.


The Searchers “Love Potion no. 9”
from Greatest Hits (Rhino 1985) —I've always suspected Lieber's two No. 9 songs influenced the Beatles for Revolution No. 9.


Loudon Wainwright III “Smokey Joe's Cafe”
from Album III (Columbia 1972) —Because of the restrictions on us from playing too many songs by any given artist in a 3 hour period, I had to get creative, and I had forgotten this amazing interpretation. So, yeah, the restrictions have their uses today.


Brian Setzer Orchestra “Nosey Joe”
from The Dirty Boogie (Interscope Records 1998) —He's ready to stick . . . . His big nose in their business.


The Blasters “One Bad Stud”
from Live: Going Home (Evangeline 2004) —A killer live rendition of this early Lieber/Stoller blues.


Chuck Jackson “I Keep Forgetting (Every Time You're Near)”
from Very Best of Chuck Jackson 1961-1967 (Varese 1997) —Bet you thought Michael McDonald wrote this one, didn't you?


Jimmy Witherspoon “Fast Women, Slow Gin”
from Very Best of Jimmy Witherspoon: Miss Miss Mistreater (Collectables 2004) —I love the early blues numbers Lieber and Stoller came up with - that's a potent combination in the title.


Ray Charles “The Snow Is Falling”
from Late in the Evening (Synergy 2005) —A not so cheery winter's tale from early in the careers of Ray Charles and Lieber and Stoller.


Wilbert Harrison “Kansas City”
from An Introduction To Wilbert Harrison (fuel 2006) —The definitive tribute to our sister city across the state.


Johnny Cash & June Carter “Jackson”
from Man in Black: His Greatest Hits (Columbia 1999) —Yeah, I didn't realize Lieber was co-credited on this one with Billie Edd Wheeler until yesterday. Lieber used a pseudonym, & was primarily an editor, but he had the great idea to open the song with two of the best lines ever.


Aretha Franklin “Spanish Harlem”
from Queen Of Soul (Atlantic unk 1994) —No disrespect to Ben E. King's version, but this is the Spanish Harlem I love the most.


The Drifters “Fools Fall In Love”
from Let the Boogie-Woogie Roll: Greatest Hits 1953-1958 (Atlantic unk 1998) —Oh, Clyde McPhatter makes me swoon!


Dion “Drip Drop”
from The Essential Dion (Sony 2005) —Dion was the best Drifters interpreter ever!


The Drifters “On Broadway”
from Definitive Soul Collection (Rhino 2006) —Growing up, I always assumed this song had something to do with fighting communism, as I only ever heard the snippet of it on that Radio Free Europe commercial. In actuality, it's one of the all-time pop music masterpieces.


The Isley Brothers “You'll Never Leave Him”
from The Isley Brothers Story Vol. 1: Rockin' Soul (1959-1968) (Rhino 1991) —From the years when Latin music influenced so much American pop. And a beautiful vocal by Ronnie Isley.


Petula Clark “I (Who Have Nothig)”
from Poison Ivy: the Songs of Lieber and Stoller (Castle Music 2003) —A very nice version of a song that can get a little histrionic.


The Shangri-La's “Bull Dog”
from Myrmidons of Melodrama (RPM 1995) —Gosh, I love these Shangri-La's records.


Elvis Presley “Dirty, Dirty Feeling”
from Elvis Is Back (RCA 1960) —This one sounds to me like it could have been a Coasters track.


Jerry Butler “Where's the Girl”
from The Ice Man (Charly Records 1995) —Oh, that nylon stocking!


Edith Piaf “L'homme A La Moto”
from 30e Anniversaire (EMI 1994) —Well, dangit, I can't remember the English version of this, but Piaf has a blast!


The Coasters “Along Came Jones”
from 50 Coastin' Classics: Anthology (Rhino 1992) —You gotta love this homage to cheap movie serials.


LaVern Baker “Saved” (Rhino 1960) —Lieber and Stoller rarely showed much interest in Gospel music, but they nailed it here.


Big Mama Thornton “I Smell a Rat”
from Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings (MCA 1992) —"You won't tell me where you been / Whiskey running down your chin."


Dr. Feelgood “I'm a Hog For You Baby”
from Down By the Jetty (EMI 1975) —Sometimes, all Lieber needed was the name of an animal, and he was off and running.


Elvis Presley “Hot Dog”
from The Complete 50s Masters (RCA 1999) —Elvis only needed a little more than a minute to deliver this breathless excitement.


The Coasters “Three Cool Cats”
from The Ultimate Coasters (Warner 1986) —"Splittin' up a bag of potato chips" and then they see the women. Again, food, then sex.


The Robins “The Hatchet Man”
from Smokey Joe's Cafe (Collectables 2006) —I've been swingin' so long they call me the hatchet man! What a line.


Little Esther & The Robins “Mainliner”
from Night Train Vol. 3: Classic Railroad Songs (Rounder www.rounder.com 1998) —You've got a real fine station, there's lots of trains in sight, but I want to be your midnight special tonight. Lieber could write the blues.


Peggy Lee “I'm a Woman”
from The Best of Miss Peggy Lee (CAPITOL 1998) —I assume Betty Friedan kept this playing whenever she ran out of ideas for "The Feminine Mystique."


Carmen McRae “Flying”
from For Once In My Life (Atlantic unk 1967) —They didn't rule the pop charts in the 60s, but Lieber and Stoller still adapted well to the needs of certain singers.


The Exciters “Get Him”
from Tell Him - the Best of (EMI 1991) —I assume this was a follow-up to "Tell Him."


Pete Anderson “She's Not You”
from Sentimental (CD BABY 2008) —Well, there have been multiple songs about not finding the woman who can replace the one who's gone, but this is as good as any.


Mickey Gilley “Little Egypt”
from Rockin' Rollin' Piano (MINOR MUSIC 1987) —Great version from Jerry Lee Lewis' cousin.


Solomon Burke “You Cant' Love 'Em All”
from Rock 'n' Soul (Rhino 1964) —I just bet Solomon Burke wanted to try, though.


The Robins “Framed”
from Smokey Joe's Cafe (Collectables 2006) —I assume this was how he got in jail to have that riot.


The Coasters “Charlie Brown”
from 50 Coastin' Classics: Anthology (Rhino 1992) —Why is everybody always pickin' on me?


Wanda Jackson “Yackety Yak”
from The Ultimate Collection (EMI 2007) —Along with "Summertime Blues," the most accurate representation I know of what it feels like to be a teen.


Elvis Presley “Treat Me Nice”
from Elvis' Golden Records (RCA 1997) —Elvis didn't always get the very best Lieber & Stoller songs, but they sure were amiable ones.


The Drifters “Ruby Baby”
from Let the Boogie-Woogie Roll: Greatest Hits 1953-1958 (Atlantic unk 1998) —A song I can remember loving for close to 50 years (or whenever my conscious memories were formed).


Charles Brown “Hard Times”
from Complete Alladin Recordings (Mosaic 1994) —Lieber & Stoller not only wrote some of the greatest songs of the 20th Century, they got them performed by some of the greatest singers, too.


Alvin Robinson “Down Home Girl”
from More New Orleans Party Classics (Rhino 1999) —Even New Orleans knew the fun of a Lieber lyric.


Duane Eddy “The Climb”
from Dance With the Guitar Man (RCA 2001) —A dance that sounds like fun to me.


Marvin Gaye “There Goes My Baby”
from Motown Legends: Mercy Mercy Me (Motown 1993) —You always have regrets, and I can't believe I didn't actually bring the original of this one. Not that this is a bad version, but it would have been cool to here Ben E. King at the end.

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