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Spinitron - KDHX: Latin Hemispheres Sun Nov 6th 2011

Latin Hemispheres (Music)

Providing a wide spectrum of contemporary tunes, beats, sounds and pulsations all with the Latin touch. From club dance to traditional rhythms, from tock to jazz, from chill to throb. Two hours of fun, grace, weird and the human spirit. ¡Asi nos gusta!

Sun Nov 6th 2011 1.00am–3.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass “Love Potion #9 (Anthony Marinelli remix)” from Re-Whipped: Whipped Cream and Other Delights (Shout Factory www.shoutfactory.com 2006) —Feat. members of OzomatliBuy it!


Bajofondo “Baldosas Mojadas (feat. Nelly Furtado)” from Mar Dulce (Bonus Track Version) (Surco/Vibra/Decca 2008)Buy it!


Gotan Project “Lunatico” (XL / Ya Basta 2006)Buy it!


Los Lobos “The Lady and the Rose” from Tin Can Trust CD ALBUM (Shout! Factory 2010R Buy it!


Los Lobos “Wicked Rain/Across 110th Street” from The Ride (Hollywood/Mammoth 2004R Buy it!


Brownout “Aguilas and Cobras” (Six Degrees 2009)Buy it!


Brownout “Pole Position” from Aguilas and Cobras (Six Degrees 2009)Buy it!


El Timba “Descarga Bontempi” from Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque (Strut 2010) —djs Hugo Mendez, Frankie Francis and others from East London.Buy it!


The Golden Nightingale Orchestra “Guantanamera” from Mexico, Anthology of Mexican Music (Anthology World Music/DGR RecordsR Buy it!


Hip Hop Hoodios “Viva la Guantanamera” from Carne Masada (Jazzheads Records 2009)Buy it!


Santana “Jingo” from Santana (Legacy Edition) (Columbia/Legacy/Sony 2004R  —Re-release with additional tracksBuy it!


Santana “My Man (feat. Mary J. Blige & Big Boi)” from All That I Am (Arista 2005R Buy it!


Rodrigo Y Gabriela “Hanuman” from 11:11 (ATO www.atorecords.com 2009) —On this their 2nd studio release, a tribute to their heroes. This track is dedicated to Carlos Santana.Buy it!


El Douje “Estatua De Ansia” from Worlds Collide (El Douje 2004)Buy it!


Gotye “Somebody I used to Know (Gnotes Remix)” from Gnawledge Remezclas (Gnawledge Records 2011N  —Gnotes is Sean Dwyer, producer/dj/musician and is part of the collective known as Gnawlege.Buy it!


Florence + The Machine “What The Water Gave Me (Gnotes Remix)” from Gnawledge Remezclas (Gnawledge Records 2011N  —These new tracks can be found gnawledge.comBuy it!


Gnawledge “Nunca Fui a Granada” from Granada Doaba (Gnawledge Records 2009) —Canyon Cody is the other founding member of this collective, along with other musicians in the 'nuevo flamenco' scene here and abroad.Buy it!


Ritmo Machine “Welcome to The Ritmo Machine” (Nacional Records 2012N  —The intro track . . . for long time artists/musicians, first time together.Buy it!


Ritmo Machine “Sangre” from Welcome to The Ritmo Machine (Nacional Records 2012N  —Chilean dj Jose Antonio'Toto' Bravo is Latin Bitman...Buy it!


Ritmo Machine “Maestro” from Welcome to The Ritmo Machine (Nacional Records 2012N  —...percussionist with Cypress Hill/Beastie Boys, son of Latin jazz legend Willie Bobo, born Eric CorreaBuy it!


Los Hombres Calientes “Brother Runnin' (Mark's Groove, Pt. 1)” from Los Hombres Calientes, Vol. 3: New Congo Square (Basin Street 2001)Buy it!


Medeski Martin & Wood “Latin Shuffle” from Combustication (Blue Note 1998)Buy it!


Los Hombres Calientes “Brother Gettin' Caught (Mark's Groove, Pt. 2)” from Los Hombres Calientes, Vol. 3: New Congo Square (Basin Street 2001)Buy it!


Charlie Hunter “Percussion Shuffle” from Songs from the Analog Playground (Blue Note 2001)Buy it!


Kiki Sanchez “Desires” from Two Worlds (Diola Entertainment 2011N  —Peruvian born keyboardist resides in U.S.A. has performed with Cachao, Jim Gasior, Arturo Sandoval and others.....Buy it!


Kiki Sanchez “Maria Lando” from Two Worlds (Diola Entertainment 2011N  —... on this track, legendary vocalist Susana Baca with a classic song.Buy it!


Novalima “Africa Landó” from Coba Coba (Cumbancha Rcds. 2009) —The sad tale of a mother, a slave, brought to Lima, Peru in a skeleton ship, traded for coins, her sweetness was her downfall, the older slaves dying around her, but the drums were not silenced.Buy it!


Lulacruza “Soloina (Pasternak Remix)” from ZZK Sound, Vol. 2 (Nacional Records/ZZK Records 2009) —From a record label in Argentina, pioneers of electro cumbia.Buy it!


Ocote Soul Sounds “Guantanamo” from Taurus (E.S.L. 2011) —Austin Texas, where Adrian Quesada, Martin Perna and other members of Grupo Fantasma join to bring more Latin funk, their fourth studio release.Buy it!


Altiplano Fusion Bad “Cuidad Del Alma” from De Los Andes Al Mundo.... Hijo Del Ande Vol. III (MCB/Discolandia Bolivia 1995) —One of the first folk bands fusing rock/jazz with Andean instruments.Buy it!


Bolivian Jazz “Coca” (Discolandia) —A collection of seasoned musician, this track is a 12 minute down to earth mellow jam..... however, I ran out of time. (imagine that, even with that extra hour.)Buy it!

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