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Spinitron - KDHX: Sound Salvation Fri Nov 11th 2011

Sound Salvation (Music)

Fri Nov 11th 2011 7.00am–10.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links

Time zone: central


Bruce Springsteen “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” from Hammersmith Odeon, London 75 (Columbia 2006) —What Bruce and the band (especially Danny Federici on accordion) did with this song live - oh my!Buy it!


Willie Nile “Singin' Bell” from The Innocent Ones (River House www.willienile.com 2010N  —As always, Williie Nile rocks!Buy it!


The Hold Steady “Soft in the Center” from Heaven Is Whenever CD ALBUM (Vagrant 2010) —You can't tell people what they want to hear if you also want to tell the truth.Buy it!


The 88 “Hide Another Mistake” from Over and Over (EMK 2005) —I saw these guys a few years ago opening for somebody - they are capable of really interesting melodic pop.Buy it!


Magazine “About the Weather” from Magic, Murder & the Weather (Virgin 1981) —Howard Devoto imagined himself at Motown for this one. The only great song on their weakest album.Buy it!


The Bees “Pressure Makes Me Lazy” from Every Step's a Yes (ATO www.atorecords.com 2011N  —It looks like this British group known as A Band of Bees in the US might be sneaking back to their real name.Buy it!


The Dukes of Stratosphear “Collideascope” from Psonic Psunspot (Ape House 2009) —XTC in their psuedo-Nuggets guise.Buy it!


Marti Jones & Don Dixon “Trouble Is As Trouble Does” from Living Stereo (Dixon Archival 2011N  —They were so great at the house concert on Sunday - this is from their new duets album, chock full of songs that deserve to be in every home.Buy it!


Heart “Wheels” from Red Velvet Car (Eagle 2010) —I think last year's Heart album is probably the best full-length record of their career. Yeah, you heard me.Buy it!


Buffalo Killers “Circle Day” from 3 (Alive 2011N  —These guys played an instore at Euclid Records the other day - I was very impressed.Buy it!


The Pretty Things “She Was Tall, She Was High” from Parachute (snapper 1970) —No messing around - these guys get straight to the point here.Buy it!


The Coasters “It Ain't Sanitary” from Juke Box Giants (Audio Fidelity 1982) —So Joe Tex wrote and recorded this gem originally, but then a latter-day version of the Coasters came along and did a version that sounded like their 50s classics. Amazing.Buy it!


Roger Miller “Do-Wacka-Do” from All Time Greatest Hits (Mercury) —I wonder if Joe Tex and Roger Miller enjoyed each other's work.Buy it!


Iggy Pop “The Passenger” from Lust for Life (Virgin Records America 1977) —One of the all-time catchiest dark songs.Buy it!


Steve Cropper “Right Around the Corner” from Dedicated (429 2011N  —Delbert McClinton sings this incredible 5 Royales song.Buy it!


Camille Howard “Mr. Fine” from Talk To Me Daddy (Flyright 2000) —A lovely and sexy 40s jazz vocal number.Buy it!


Nikki Jean “How To Unring a Bell” from Pennies In A Jar (S-Curve 2011N  —Thom Bell wrote this one like it was left over for the Stylistics or something. Lovely.Buy it!


Bettye Lavette “Joy” from I've Got My Own Hell to Raise (Anti www.anti.com 2005) —LaVette's take on Lucinda Williams still sends shivers up and down my spine. C'est magnifique!Buy it!


Etta James “Groove Me” from The Dreamer (Verve Forecast 2011N  —From what's been announced as the final record of Etta's long career, a nice cover of the King Floyd song. She's not at full strength, but she still sinks her teeth into this one.Buy it!


Mavis Staples “For What It's Worth” from Live: Hope at the Hideout (Anti www.anti.com 2008) —Just a great version of the Stephen Stills song which she had done before with her daddy.Buy it!


Amen Corner “Get Back” from More Cowbell For More Cowbell (Rich Reese 2011) —I named the wrong song on the air, but this is a cool cowbell-laden version of "Get Back."Buy it!


Jude “Morning Morgantown” from More Cowbell For More Cowbell (Rich Reese 2011) —This is the cowbell obscurity I originally announced.Buy it!


Ike Reilly Assassination “Broken Parakeet Blues” from We Belong to the Staggering Evening (Rock Ridge 2007) —Reilly makes masterful poetic leaps of imagination and sings the heck out of these words.Buy it!


The Ramones “Howling At the Moon (Sha La La)” from Anthology (Rhino 1999) —The last time the Ramones chased a hit record, and it, like all the others, should have been one.Buy it!


Leonard Cohen “Everybody Knows” from Live In London CD ALBUM (Columbia 2009) —Everybody knows the fight was fixed, the poor stay poor, the rich stay rich.Buy it!


Dorothy Moore “Misty Blue” from Last Soul Company (MALACO 1999) —As spectacular a soul record as any you could name.Buy it!


Shelby Lynne “The Thief” from Revelation Road (Everso Records 2011N  —I think Shelby Lynne would appreciate follwing "Misty Blue."Buy it!


Miranda Lambert “Oklahoma Sky” from Four the Record (Sony 2011) —A gorgeous version of Allison Moorer's song.Buy it!


Joe Henry “After the War” from Reverie (Anti www.anti.com 2011N  —This is such a classic Great American songbook style melody, though not a subject matter they used to tackle.Buy it!


Frank Sinatra “Blues in the Night” from Only the Lonely (CAPITOL 1958) —That's some singin'.Buy it!


Tom Waits “Back In the Crowd” from Bad As Me (Anti- 2011N  —A beautiful little ballad with some Mexican-influenced guitar.Buy it!


David Hidalgo & Louie Perez “Take My Hand” from The Long Goodbye (Gonzolandia 2010) —A beautiful song that follows nicely out of the Tom Waits.Buy it!


Dwight Yoakam “Watch Out” from Blame the Vain (New West www.newwestrecords.com 2005) —Ah, Dwight Yoakam - the most consistent performer of the last 30 years.Buy it!


John Doe “Never Enough” from Keeper (Yep Roc 2011N  —It took a while, but this new John Doe record is really starting to hit me.Buy it!


John Wesley Harding “Calling Off the Experiment” from The Sound of His Own Voice (Yep Roc 2011N  —A raucous and catchy pop song.Buy it!


The Bangles “Through Your Eyes” from Sweetheart of the Sun (Model Music Group 2011N  —I think this might be up there with the greatest songs the Bangles have ever written.Buy it!


Matthew Sweet “Baltimore” from Modern Art (Missing Piece 2011N  —Sometimes you just need to hear melodies, harmonies, and ringing guitars.Buy it!


The Beach Boys “Cabin Essence” from The Smile Sessions (CAPITOL 2011N  —A lot of people worship this lost Beach Boys record; I merely enjoy it now and again. This is an oddball little cut, though.Buy it!


Sarah Jarosz “Song Up In Her Head” (SUGAR HILL 2009) —One of the most talented young musicians I know.Buy it!


The Green River Boys featuring Glen Campbell “Truck Driving Man” from 18 Wheels Rollin': Trucking Songs (CEMA rhino.com 1998) —The young Mr. Campbell played guitar on this, I believe.Buy it!


Danny Barnes “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” from Rocket (ATO www.atorecords.com 2011N  —I didn't expect bonus cowbell on this T. Rex cover.Buy it!


Buddy Holly “That'll Be the Day” from Buddy Holly Collection (MCA 1993) —One of them songs that's in our DNA.Buy it!


Imelda May “Pulling the Rug” from Mayhem (Decca 2010N  —I bet Imelda May and this band put on some pretty amazing concerts.Buy it!


Vince Gill “All Nighter Comin'” from Guitar Slinger (MCA NASHVILLE 2011N  —I'm loving everything I've heard from this new Vince Gill album - the man just delivers great songs, great singing, great playing.Buy it!


The Belle Brigade “My Goodness” from The Belle Brigade (Reprise 2011N  —I do very much enjoy this contemporary country/pop band, and I owe Spencer Marquart for introducing me to them (and some other great stuff).Buy it!


The Ventures “Perfidia” from Walk Don't Run: The Best of the Ventures (EMI 1990) —Just your basic classic backdrop to surf scenes in movies.Buy it!

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