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Richard Wilbur’s translation of Moliere’s “The Misanthrope” is a swift and witty expose of both society’s falseness and the alienation of reactionary bitterness. Reading it while imagining it set in its period of 17th century France, I delight in discovering such great similarities between people of that age and of our own. Washington University’s production strips away that potential delight with its modern setting and naturalistic performances. For the excitement of Moliere and Wilbur’s wit, it substitutes distracting karaoke numbers and hip-hop dancing. It is as though director Pannill Camp doesn’t trust Moliere to be entertaining enough to modern audiences without these silly additions.

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Sunday, 01 April 2012 22:16

Confusing 'Camden and Lilly'

Carter W. Lewis' play Camden and Lilly felt like a strange, almost esoteric experience. I didn't understand the plot.

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