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Even before the credits, the opening sequence of "Spy" sells the movie as fun, bodacious, Rooster Cogburnian, silly, romantic, and predictable. The last adjective is not a draw-back: it's a staple of summer films, the screen equivalent of the beach book. "Spy" delivers on its promises.

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Imagine that! a dog adopting a human for a change. Well, that is just what Jay Ward and his minions did on their breaks from the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show." They imagined a very, very smart dog in charge of the education of a very willing boy. 

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"The Way Way Back's" opening scene finds fourteen-year-old, dorky Duncan in the farthest back seat of an old-fashioned station wagon, facing backwards, a perfect metaphor for his progress toward happiness. Duncan will have to back in on it, and darn if he doesn't even though his Cape Cod summer vacation looks like a nightmare in the making.

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