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Blitzen Trapper returns this fall with a new album that keeps its focus on the lyrical folk, rock and twang that's been its strong suit. The new track, "Lonesome Angel," is the Portland, Oregon band at its best.

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The Drive-By Truckers sold out the Pageant on Saturday night, on tour with their twelfth album "English Oceans."

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"You should have seen that girl go shaky at the knees," sang Blitzen Trapper's Eric Earley halfway through the Portland, Ore. band's set. His words proved applicable to more than doting young girls; they illuminated the reactions of every Blitzen Trapper and Drive-By Truckers fan at the Pageant on Saturday night.

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Monday, 23 September 2013 14:32

Charting the Music: Blitzen Trapper, 'VII'

Driven by faith and steel strings, Blitzen Trapper has traded in old times for new joys. Thirteen full years have lead to "VII," a healthy mixture of mountain twang and electronic grooves.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 12:00

Blitzen Trapper 9/18/13

Blitzen Trapper is a band out of Portland, Ore. that, despite its northern home, rattles with the shake of desert sand in a storm.

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The songs of Blitzen Trapper arc from sweeping anthems to folk-inspired ballads all bathed in the same lyrical mix of cowboy mythos and Northwestern mountain country soul.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2007 15:35

Blitzen Trapper 6/12/07

Blitzen Trapper performed live in the studios of KDHX.

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