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"The One: The Life and Music of James Brown"
RJ Smith
Gotham Books

"The One: The Life and Music of James Brown" is without a doubt the definitive work on one of the most significant and influential figures in 20th century popular music.

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Mike Doughty
"The Book of Drugs"
Da Capo Press

Like any self-respecting musician's autobiography, Mike Doughty's "The Book of Drugs" does not deprive the reader of sex, the titular drugs, or rock 'n' roll.

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KDHX ambassadors Thomas Crone (host of Silver Tray) and Megan Dougherty (Production Assistant) took the mission of KDHX to the county this summer. The St. Louis County Public Library system hosted six podcast classes at different branch locations in the area. The classes were aimed at kids in their early teens, who focused on reviewing their favorite books for the library's Web site. Participants learned how to record and edit their own voices, how to post the file to the Internet and a bit of background on KDHX.

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