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The press release for Irish-born singer Maxine Linehan's show concludes with a reminder that "you or your ancestors came here from somewhere, and this is your story too." It's a point Ms. Linehan emphasizes at the very top of the evening as well and, at a time when our nation is suffering another one of its periodic outbreaks of nativist hysteria, hearing it is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a reminder that, in the words of the late President Kennedy, we are “a nation of immigrants.”

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Sunday, 26 October 2014 14:57

Antonio Rodriguez packs the Gaslight

It was an adoring crowd that filled the Gaslight Theatre—a surprisingly large crowd for a singer who has no history in cabaret.

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Gotta sing! Gotta dance! Gotta be a cabaret star! The Presenters Dolan closed out the Gaslight Cabaret Festival with Lara Teeter tripping the light fantastic in his cabaret debut "Lucky To Be Me."

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Some of you may remember Connie Fairchild and the local band that bore her surname from the 80s and 90s. Performing a mix of R&B, rock, and jazz—today they'd probably call it "roots music"—the band won awards and fans locally.

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I've always maintained that actors in general and musical theatre actors in particular have something of a head start when it comes to cabaret. They already know how to give meaning to a lyric and how to connect with an audience. As evidence, I offer up Ken Page's "Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue," which kicked off The Presenters Dolan's Gaslight Cabaret Festival on February 20 and 21.

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The St. Louis Actors Studio has opened a fine production of "King Lear".

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St. Louis’s own Keith Jozsef is a member of that increasingly rare species of showbiz fauna, the professional magician. Not only that, but a professional magician with a full-evening magic show—something rarely seen these days outside of high-traffic tourist traps like Las Vegas or Branson.

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