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Don't be confused. Emma Bovary is a 19th-century novel about the titular woman, whose married name is spelled with an a. "Gemma Bovery" is about a modern lass, a Gemma, not an Emma, whose last name is spelled with an e. But, mostly, "Gemma Bovery" is about her neighbor.

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For years, the film industry ignored the 65- to 88-year-old demographic on the theory that we did not have discretionary money to throw at the silver screen after our hair turned silver. Now that this demographic is one of the few that still goes to the movies off-line, we're being wooed. 

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Irish writer/director Neil Jordan has a multifaceted, extraordinary body of work, from "The Crying Game" to "Michael Collins," "Breakfast on Pluto" to "The Company of Wolves," plus Showtime's series "The Borgias." His 1994 "Interview with the Vampire" announced his interest in the vampire genre. Now "Byzantium" adds to Jordan's imaginative exploration of diverse topics.

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