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“Promised Land” dramatizes the underhanded tactics of a fictional corporation determined to gain rights to drill for natural gas on farmers’ land. There’s a lot at stake for this rural community, and though the film wears its environmental heart on its sleeve, the debate about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) deserves the attention given here.

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At the heart of director Gus Van Sant's film Restless is a delicate, difficult situation. Sweet teenager Annabel has terminal brain cancer and knows she faces imminent death. In her final months, she finds love with Enoch, a distraught soul mate whose parents died in an automobile accident that nearly killed him. Tentatively, cautiously they provide each other support.

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release, My Own Private Idaho will be screened at Webster University. With two decades' hindsight, it's a treat to watch co-writer/director Gus Van Sant indulge his surrealistic style, a style that defines his best films before and after Idaho: Drugstore Cowboy, Gerry, Good Will Hunting, Elephant, and Paranoid Park, among others.

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