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"All Soul, No Borders" is weekly proof of why Josh Weinstein is sometimes described as a musical holy man and shaman.

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88.1 KDHX and the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts present soundwaves, a monthly event featuring DJs, musicians and art, calling and responding across galleries at the Pulitzer.

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Monday, 03 May 2010 18:30

Melodies of the Kabbalah 5/3/10

With a name that evokes the most esoteric and mystical side of jazz, Melodies of the Kabbalah is a St. Louis-based ensemble wedded to the groove and to the spontaneity of improvisation.

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Karate Bikini - A Simpler Sugar

Wed November 26
Karate Bikini is an eight piece ensemble who's members hail from St. Louis and the metro area. They are a large band with a large sound. Their latest album A Simpler Sugar is full of upbeat pop songs,…

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