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Documentarian Joshua Oppenheimer again focuses on Indonesia with "The Look of Silence." In his 2012 documentary "The Act of Killing" Oppenheimer interrogates murderers of thousands. Without remorse they reenact the grotesque brutality they perpetrated in 1965 when Suharto overthrew President Sukarno. "The Look of Silence" pursues one of those murders, representative of the scores of innocent civilians butchered.

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An extraordinary and chilling documentary, "The Act of Killing" chronicles exactly that in unprecedented ways. Several Indonesian men reenact, unabashedly, even proudly, ways they brutally tortured and murdered individuals in the 1965-66 purge primarily of communists, among other targeted groups such as local Chinese workers. Some killers now hold office, with no punishment for their heinous acts.

Published in Film Reviews

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